Top Shopify Agencies (with Case Studies + Statistics)

Shopify agencies help you bring your store to life, supercharge your marketing, crunch the data with analytics, and expand your reach across continents.

Making a great contribution to the overall Shopify ecosystem, these agencies are equipped to propel your brand to the forefront of the digital marketplace.

We’ve handpicked the top 25 Shopify agencies, covering their:

  • Overview
  • Expertise
  • Approach
  • Case studies

along with many other valuable insights that can give you an idea about how to use these platforms to improve your Shopify business.

Top Shopify Agencies

Development Agencies Arctic Grey LLC
Brand Active
ENS Enterprises
ZAGO Sweden
Marketing Agencies adQuadrant
Coalition Technologies
Logical Position
Analytics Agencies JC+CO
Absolute Web
Highland Growth Partners
Shopify Agencies in the UK AYKO
Shopify Agencies in the US Levitate Foundry
DigitlHaus Agency
Shopify Agencies in Australia Overdose Digital
Glasshouse Digital
Elephant Room

The Best Shopify Agencies for Development

Here is a list of the best Shopify development agencies that can help you build, optimize, and improve your business:

Arctic Grey

Arctic Grey Homepage
Arctic Grey Homepage

Year Founded: 2015

Brief Overview: Arctic Grey is a multi-award-winning Shopify Plus Design and Development Firm, recognized for its expertise in crafting eCommerce solutions for enterprise merchants worldwide.

With a dedicated team of over 80 professionals, they strive for 100% client satisfaction through quality customer service and integrity.

Expertise: Arctic Grey specializes in Shopify Plus design and development, offering a range of services including store migration.

They are known for their capabilities in business strategy guidance, custom apps and integrations, product and collection setup, SEO, site performance and speed, and troubleshooting across various industries such as clothing and fashion, food and drink, health and beauty, and jewelry and accessories.

Key Clients: Arctic Grey’s portfolio includes prestigious clients such as Harvard University, EBY by Sofia Vergara, Sesame Street, State & Liberty, Peanuts (Snoopy and the gang), Moonbug & Cocomelon, SarahChloe, and Happy Little Camper by Hillary Duff.

They have also worked with brands like The Smurfs, BarkBox, Fatman Scoop, Royce Chocolate, NxtBar, Talia di Napoli, and many more.

Their Approach:

  • Risk-Free, Try-Before-You-Buy Service: Offering a no-obligation front-page concept design to showcase potential store enhancements.
  • Specialized Business Migration Services: Seamless transition to Shopify for D2C, B2B, Wholesale, and POS businesses.
  • Custom Tailored Shopify Themes: Emphasizing unique storefront designs that cater to individual business needs.
  • Comprehensive eCommerce Solutions: Including business strategy guidance, custom apps and integrations, and site performance optimization.
  • Dedicated to Client Success: A history of fostering creativity and collaboration, leading to significant earnings growth for their clients over the years.

Case Studies:

  1. EBY by Sofia Vergara: Migration from Magento to Shopify, resulting in an 86% increase in conversions and a 46% rise in repeat customers.
  2. The Cashmere Sale: Transformation to Shopify led to a 22% sales surge and 18% traffic increase within 30 days.
  3. Bark Box: Development of a personalized, breed-centric Shopify store, doubling the conversion rate and increasing user retention by 57%.
  4. Olaplex: Comprehensive UX & UI overhaul of the Shopify store, dramatically improving conversion rates and user experience.
  5. Harvard University: Shopify Store redesign led to a 52% increase in conversion rate and a 19% rise in average order value, focusing on mobile UX/UI enhancements. homepage homepage

Year Founded: 2013

Brief Overview: Founded by Jared Belsky and Sean Belnick, LLC is a full-service digital marketing platform focused on delivering results through technology, digital media, retail marketplace, and analytics expertise.

With a team of over 200 people spread globally, Acadia serves a wide array of industries, offering a seamless experience across every digital channel.

Expertise: specializes in Shopify and Shopify Plus site development, offering services that include email marketing, website and marketing content, custom apps and integrations, theme customization, troubleshooting, and banner ads.

Their expertise extends to a broad range of digital marketing solutions, aiming to help growth marketers find the next 30% in sales.

Key Clients: Acadia proudly works with brands like Godiva, JUST water, 7-11, California Pizza Kitchen, TULA, Credo, Bark, The Atlanta Mission, Maggianos, and Red Roof Inn, among others.

Their Approach:

  • Comprehensive digital marketing platform with a focus on technology, digital media, and analytics.
  • Offers a full suite of digital marketing solutions, including paid & retail media, SEO, social media, analytics & intelligence, and retail media & marketplaces.
  • Dedicated to out-flanking competition through innovative and effective digital strategies.
  • Aims for a seamless customer experience across all digital channels.

Case Studies:

  1. Lansinoh: Achieved a 73% YOY growth rate in ad-attributed revenue while maintaining ROAS across Amazon ads.
  2. Vella: Led to a 100%+ increase in social media engagement, securing a Shorty award.
  3. Red Roof Inn: Drove a 40% increase in total user impressions and grew TikTok followers to 50K in just 6 months with branded and user-generated content strategies.
  4. Maggianos: Facilitated a 50% increase in media efficiency by focusing on stronger measurement and more granular radius targeting.
  5. Barcel USA: Generated a 113x increase in sales and a 93% increase in ROAS on with retail media management.

Brand Active

Brand Active Homepage
Brand Active Homepage

Year Founded: 2016

Brief Overview: Brand Active is an eCommerce agency focused on Shopify and Shopify Plus platforms, aiming to create functional online stores and develop eCommerce businesses globally.

With a team comprising eCommerce managers, programmers, UX designers, and marketing specialists, Brand Active has executed hundreds of projects across fashion, ecological, grocery, electronic, and beauty industries.

Expertise: Brand Active specializes in Shopify Plus implementations, offering services that range from Shopify development, design, and Plus configurations to integrations with ERP, CRM, POS systems, and payment setups.

Their expertise extends to eCommerce strategy, international expansion, product development, and systems integration, ensuring a comprehensive approach to online store development and optimization.

Key Clients: Notable clients include Corteva Agriscience, Manufacture in Bolesławiec, Viola Hair Extensions, Adventure Sports, and several fashion, beauty, and health supplement brands like Nature Love, Bébé Concept, and Genactiv, showcasing the agency’s versatility across various industries.

Their Approach:

  • Full Shopify development service, including custom solutions and integrations with external software.
  • Shopify Plus configurations for scalable, secure, and flexible eCommerce platforms.
  • Comprehensive design process involving user behavior analysis, mock-ups, and Mobile First trends.
  • Marketing support covering Google Ads, Facebook Ads, SEO, and email marketing tailored to Shopify’s capabilities.

Case Studies:

  1. Nature Love: Significantly reduced monthly application costs by 90%, improved store performance by 166% on desktop and 2100% on mobile.
  2. BÉBÉ Concept: Created a space that supports business development and meets customer expectations, focusing on a high-quality, natural, and certified product range.
  3. Genactiv: Enhanced the brand’s presentation and accessibility, ensuring Genactiv is recognized as an experienced expert in its field.
  4. Corteva Agriscience: Developed a modern solution that streamlined management and aligned with global e-commerce trends.
  5. Manufacture in Bolesławiec: Built a strong online presence for the brand, increased brand reputation, and improved conversion rates through targeted marketing efforts.

ENS Enterprises

ENS Homepage
ENS Homepage

Year Founded: 2016

Brief Overview: ENS Enterprises is recognized as a leading Shopify Expert with extensive experience globally. They are known for their high-quality code, trustful communication, agile approach, and full-stack teams.

Expertise: ENS Enterprises focuses on Shopify e-commerce and web development, providing marketing, store setup, development, visual content, branding, content writing, and consulting.

They offer email marketing, SEO, social media marketing, store construction or redesign, and custom app integration services.

Key Clients: Their portfolio includes notable brands such as Polene-Paris, Lakme, Traya Health, Imagine Online Store, Indulekha, and Nutraj, showcasing their experience across various industries including beauty & skin care, accessories, clothing, food & drinks, home decor & kitchen, and health & fitness.

The agency prides itself on consistently delivering technically challenging projects within tight timelines while providing exceptional customer service and support.

Their Approach:

  • Focus on high-quality code and clean, consistent, functional coding steps.
  • Emphasize trustful communication, keeping clients informed about progress and challenges.
  • Agile methodology to ensure constant delivery of business value and adaptability to change.
  • Full-stack team capabilities, covering both front-end and back-end development, along with UX/UI and graphic design.

Case Studies

  1. Polene-Paris: A high-end fashion brand for which they created and maintained a website with excellent features and layout.
  2. Lakme: A top brand in the fashion and beauty sector, showcasing excellent web design and features through their work.
  3. Traya Health: Demonstrated high-level customization for a Shopify Plus store to achieve high conversion rates and excellent features.
  4. Imagine Online Store: An Authorized Apple Premium Partner whose website they designed and maintained, focusing on strong UI and effective maintenance.

ZAGO Sweden

ZAGO Sweden homepage
ZAGO Sweden homepage

Year Founded: 2014

Brief Overview: ZAGO Sweden is a certified Shopify Plus Partner renowned for creating bespoke e-commerce solutions for high-growth businesses.

With expertise spanning various industries, they are committed to crafting omnichannel e-commerce experiences that drive growth and success for lifestyle brands both in Sweden and internationally.

ZAGO Sweden offers a wide range of services such as fulfillment, retail strategy, website design and development, inventory management, payment processing, digital marketing, SEO/SEM, business intelligence, systems integration, and brand strategy.

Key Clients: Their portfolio includes notable clients such as,,,,,,, DRKN,, Silkberry,, and SM Global Shop.

Their Approach:

  • Specializes in bespoke e-commerce solutions for high-growth businesses.
  • Offers a comprehensive suite of services from fulfillment to brand strategy.
  • Tailored service offerings, including setup packages, custom app development, and marketing/ad metrics.
  • Emphasizes strategic marketing campaigns and high growth social media campaigns.

Case Studies:

  1. DRKN: A streetwear brand for which ZAGO provided e-commerce solutions.
  2. Lace Laboratory: Worked on building complex product linking logic.
  3. Silkberry: Assisted in creating an e-commerce website for mulberry silk products.
  4. Fur: Provided solutions for high quality, 100% natural options formulated for pubic hair care.
  5. SM Global Shop: Executed a comprehensive Shopify Plus e-commerce strategy for Korea’s premier entertainment company.


Leading Shopify Agencies: Marketing

Explore the leading Shopify marketing agencies to figure out how you can grow your business:


adQuatrant Homepage
adQuatrant Homepage

Year Founded: 2014.

Brief Overview: adQuadrant is a Shopify Plus Solutions Partner and a digital agency that partners with brands to drive growth through integrated media strategies and data-driven insights.

They focus on creating customized marketing strategies that are deeply rooted in business strategy and performance metrics, aiming to scale brands effectively.

Expertise: adQuadrant specializes in Shopify Plus solutions, focusing on direct-to-consumer (DTC) growth strategies, integrated media strategies, performance creative, omnichannel media, and data science.

Their expertise also extends to digital strategy, paid media, and earned and owned media channels.

Key Clients: They have a track record of successful campaigns, as indicated by substantial year-over-year paid social revenue growth and impressive return on ad spend (ROAS) figures for clients like UNTUCKit, General Assembly, Blam, and Booze.

Their Approach:

  • Specialization in Shopify Plus and direct-to-consumer growth strategies.
  • Implementation of integrated media strategies combining creative, media, and data science.
  • Emphasis on performance creative and omnichannel media planning.
  • Data-driven insights and analytics to inform strategy and execution.
  • A focus on scalability and efficiency in e-commerce marketing.

Case Studies:

  1. UNTUCKit: adQuadrant improved their advertising, leading to tripled returns on ads for new customers, an 11-fold increase during sales events, and a 4.6-fold increase for a women’s gift campaign on Facebook and Instagram.
  2. General Assembly: adQuadrant’s campaign for e-book downloads significantly increased email subscribers, with over 5,500 new sign-ups in 30 days, a 258% return on ad spend, and nearly 10,000 new subscribers in three months, with a higher return and a $5 reduction in costs per sign-up.
  3. Alya Skin: adQuadrant helped Alya Skin make Snapchat a profitable marketing channel, resulting in a 13-fold revenue increase in the first year and a consistent 160% return on ad spend.

Coalition Technologies

Coalition Technologies Homepage
Coalition Technologies Homepage

Year Founded: 2009

Brief Overview: Coalition Technologies is a full-service digital marketing agency known for its comprehensive approach to SEO and web design. Founded by SEO thought leader Joel Gross, the agency has grown significantly and built 796 websites, generating over $588 Million SEO revenue.

Expertise: Coalition Technologies specializes in SEO, PPC, web design and development, app and custom development, and email marketing. They have a broad skill set, including theme customization and app integrations for Shopify platforms.

Key Clients: The agency has worked with a diverse range of clients, including Microsoft, Roku, Spiceology, Pink Lily, Enjuku, Kratom Country, and more.

Their Approach:

  • Emphasizes a multifaceted strategy that includes both on-page technical fixes and creative content creation.
  • Utilizes data-informed reoptimizations to ensure strategies remain effective and up-to-date.
  • Offers ongoing support and development post-launch to adapt to evolving business needs.
  • Focuses on increasing organic traffic through high-quality leads that are likely to convert.
  • Aims to raise domain authority through optimized content and high-quality backlinks.

Case Studies:

  1. Microsoft: Their campaign boosted search traffic, with organic searches accounting for over 27% of visits and key terms ranking on Google’s first page, leading to an 11.56% overall conversion rate and an 18.88% rate from organic searches. The effort attracted over 456,000 sessions and reduced the bounce rate.
  2. Roku: Between October 2022 and April 2023, Roku Support saw a 25.47% increase in users, a 27.15% rise in sessions, and an 8.81% growth in new users, along with a 3.58% better bounce rate and a 14.15% goal conversion rate, indicating effective SEO strategies.
  3. Spiceology: The launch of a new website resulted in a 233% revenue increase to $4,422,314 and a 239% jump in transactions to 67,929 within a year, showcasing the impact of their marketing efforts.

Logical Position

Year Founded: 2010

Brief Overview: Logical Position is a digital marketing agency providing tailored solutions in Paid Search, Paid Social, SEO, Web Design, among others, for businesses of every size and sector.

Recognized as a Premier Google Partner, 2019 Microsoft Advertising Global Channel Partner of the Year, and a Facebook Marketing Partner, they focus on using the newest strategies and technologies transparently.

With headquarters in Lake Oswego, OR, and nine offices, they support over 5,000 clients worldwide.

Expertise: Logical Position excels in paid search and social media ads, optimizing ad spend on Google and Facebook for maximum ROI.

They also specialize in SEO to boost website rankings and visibility, along with managing brands’ social media presence across platforms.

Key Clients: Logical Position serves companies of all sizes and industries. Some of their clients include THEMAGIC5, Breakside, POC Sports, BlendJet, and more.

Their Approach:

  • Providing custom digital marketing solutions tailored to the specific needs and goals of each client.
  • Commitment to transparency in all dealings and strategies.
  • Utilization of the latest technologies and strategies to achieve client goals.
  • Offering a comprehensive suite of services including Paid Search, SEO, Web Design, and more.
  • Recognition as a leading partner by major platforms like Google, Microsoft Advertising, and Facebook.

Case Studies:

  1. THEMAGIC5: Achieved over 10 million impressions, 7x ROAS, and an $8 average CPA, far below the $50 target. Conversions increased by 552%, generating over $278,000 in revenue.
  2. Breakside:Paid social media campaign reached over 1.3 million impressions with a $0.43 CPC and $9 CPA, boosting annual beer production by 30.77%..
  3. POC Sports: Search and social ad campaign resulted in a 134% increase in global revenue from paid search, adding over $2.3 million in sales, 6,298 more conversions, and a 91% rise in website traffic.


MuteSix Homepage
MuteSix Homepage

Year Founded: 2014

Brief Overview: MuteSix stands out in customer acquisition and marketing performance, particularly for Shopify Plus clients. They boost e-commerce growth and online visibility through paid social ads, search marketing, creative content, and email strategies.
MuteSix excels in social media ads, especially on Facebook. They offer paid social, search marketing, creative design, and email marketing, all geared towards ecommerce growth.

Their edge lies in blending creative storytelling with data strategies to boost client ROI significantly.

Key Clients: Disney, Kopar, Brookly Candle Studio, Aera, Dave, Twillory, Sebastian Crus Couture, Green Pan, and more.

Their Approach:

  • Comprehensive analysis of client’s digital presence and market position
  • Tailored marketing strategies focused on performance and ROI
  • Strong emphasis on creative and compelling content to drive engagement
  • Data-driven approach to optimize campaigns and maximize efficiency
  • Continuous testing and learning to stay ahead of market trends
  • Personalized client service with a focus on transparency and communication

Case Studies:

  1. Aera: MuteSix’s integrated ad management approach for Aera led to a 152% revenue increase, doubled click-through rate, and a 52% higher return on ad spend from July 2021 to July 2022.
  2. Dave: By focusing on lower-funnel revenue, MuteSix helped Dave achieve a 184% revenue increase, outpacing a 102% rise in ad spend, and improved average revenue per user by 53% and return on ad spend by 41% from January to June 2022.
  3. Twillory: MuteSix’s creative strategy helped Twillory overcome pandemic challenges, resulting in a 95% revenue increase, a 50% revenue growth in 2022, a 58% rise in new customers, and a 34% increase in click-through rate.


blackotter homepage
Blackotter Homepage

Year Founded: 2018.

Brief Overview: Blackotter is positioned as a business accelerator agency that focuses on the growth of disruptive consumer brands. With a range of services designed to foster profitable scaling and growth, they pride themselves on being more of an extension of their client’s team rather than just an agency.

They have industry specialties in health & wellness, beauty & skincare, consumer packaged goods, and fashion & accessories.

Expertise: Blackotter specializes in business acceleration, focusing on consumer brands. They offer a range of services including digital marketing, influencer marketing, social media marketing, website design and development, and ecommerce strategy.

Their expertise is particularly strong in omni-channel marketing solutions that support brands in growing and scaling profitably.

Key Clients: They’ve worked with notable clients like Flat Tummy Co, Bausch Health, and Boombod, offering services such as digital marketing, ecommerce strategy, website management, product development, retail strategy, website audits and optimization, and UX design and development.

Their Approach:

  • Specialization in consumer brands with a focus on innovative omni-channel marketing solutions.
  • Comprehensive service offerings including marketing strategy, digital marketing, website UX design and development, and ecommerce strategy.
  • A dedicated approach to forming partnerships with clients, aiming to work as an extension of the client’s team.
  • A focus on personalized communication strategies to effectively engage the target audience.

Case Studies:

  1. Flat Tummy Co: They offered influencer marketing, ecommerce design, and growth strategies, reaching over 1 billion people, generating 14 million impressions, and increasing revenue by 76%. The average order value also rose by 32%.
  2. Skinny Mixes: Blackotter improved Skinny Mixes by moving their store to Shopify Plus, redesigning the website, and creating a custom theme, which tripled conversion rates from 3% to 9% in the first week, showcasing their effective growth marketing solutions.


Top Shopify Agencies: Analytics

Let’s have a look at the top Shopify analytics agencies that can provide you with effective solutions:


JC+CO Homepage
JC+CO Homepage

Year Founded: 2018

Brief Overview: JC+CO is a digital powerhouse and Shopify Plus Partner known for its operational efficiency and strategic prowess in building, launching, and scaling brands.

With a focus on industries such as fashion & accessories, food & beverage, consumer packaged goods, health & wellness, beauty & skincare, and stationery & office supplies.

Their approach is tailored to avoid wasting time on non-essential elements during the build phase, ensuring a focus on growth and scalability.

Expertise: JC+CO offers services like consulting, eCommerce and business strategy, website design and UX development, data analytics, brand strategy, retail activations, website audits, product development, and wholesale/B2B solutions.

Key Clients: Notable clients include LXRandCo, Flow Hydration, and SHEERTEX, showcasing JC+CO’s ability to deliver comprehensive solutions across various aspects of digital strategy and eCommerce development.

Their Approach:

  • Operational efficiency and momentum-driven strategies.
  • Focused on building, launching, and scaling brands.
  • Tailored approach to meet the specific needs of new innovations, early-stage brands, and transforming legacy retailers.
  • Avoids wasting time on non-essential elements in the build phase to focus on growth.

Case Studies:

  1. LXRandCo: Services provided included platform migration, brand strategy and identity, and various business strategies leading to significant eCommerce success.
  2. Flow Hydration: JC+CO assisted in business operations, resources, financial strategy, digital marketing strategy, and eCommerce strategy, contributing to the brand’s growth.
  3. SHEERTEX: They provided comprehensive services from business strategy to product development and website UX design, facilitating rapid growth for the brand.


30Acres Homepage
30Acres Homepage

Year Founded:2010

Brief Overview: 30Acres is a digital agency based in Byron Bay, Australia, and Ottawa, Canada, specializing in Shopify and Shopify Plus. They focus on creating e-commerce solutions that are not only visually appealing but also functional and optimized for conversions.

The agency is on a journey to become a B Corp, emphasizing their commitment to making a positive impact on their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment.

Expertise: 30Acres specializes in e-commerce solutions, with a particular focus on Shopify and Shopify Plus platforms. They offer a range of services including website design and development, e-commerce strategy, conversion optimization, and ongoing support.

Key Clients: 30acres has worked with notable clients including Fliteboard, Tiger Mist, In Bed Store, JSHealth Vitamins, Temple of the Sun, Econaps, Interiors Online, THRILLS, and Advance Pet, showcasing their expertise in e-commerce development, brand strategy, design, and digital marketing.

Their Approach:

  • Specialization in Shopify and Shopify Plus for e-commerce solutions.
  • A commitment to sustainability and positive impact, aiming to become a B Corp.
  • Emphasis on balancing purpose and profit for a holistic business approach.
  • Dedication to delivering top-tier products and services to establish themselves as a global leader in their field.
  • Striving to improve the experiences and prosperity of their employees, clients, partners, and users.
  • Using their products, technology, time, and influence to instigate environmental protection and change.

Case Studies:

  1. Tiger Mist: Achieved a 15% improvement in year-over-year conversion rate, leading to a significant 110% increase in sales revenue and a 17% rise in quarterly revenue.
  2. In Bed Store: Marked a 13% increase in conversion rate year over year, with sales revenue up by 17% and a remarkable 116% boost in quarterly revenue.
  3. JSHealth Vitamins: Experienced a 7% increase in conversion rate over the industry average, reached seven figures in monthly turnover post-launch, and saw a 7% improvement in quarterly revenue year over year.
  4. Temple of the Sun: Enjoyed a 94% increase in year-over-year organic traffic and a 211% increase in non-branded traffic, showcasing significant growth in digital reach.
  5. Econaps: Witnessed a 91% increase in unique purchases, a 50% increase in revenue, and a 25% improvement in conversion rate, indicating strong market performance.

 Absolute Web

Absolute Web Homepage
Absolute Web Homepage

Year Founded: 1999

Brief Overview: Absolute Web is a full-service digital commerce agency known for its innovative and customized web development and digital marketing solutions. Founded in 1999, the agency has built a reputation for helping businesses of all sizes, from startups to enterprise-level, in enhancing their online presence and eCommerce capabilities.

With a team of experienced designers, developers, and marketers, Absolute Web focuses on creating bespoke strategies that drive growth, improve user experience, and increase conversions.

Expertise: Absolute Web specializes in eCommerce solutions, custom web development, and digital marketing services, with a focus on platforms like Magento, Shopify Plus, and BigCommerce.

Key Clients: Oribe Hair Care, Capezio, Jenny Yoo, Glo Skin Beauty, and CV Sciences are some of the notable clients that have partnered with Absolute Web for their eCommerce and web development needs.

Their Approach:

  • Comprehensive digital strategy development tailored to client’s business goals.
  • Focus on user experience and conversion rate optimization.
  • Implementation of cutting-edge technology for web development and eCommerce solutions.
  • Data-driven digital marketing campaigns to maximize ROI.
  • Continuous support and optimization post-launch to ensure long-term success.

Case Studies:

  1. Oribe Hair Care: Absolute Web helped Oribe to enhance their online presence with a custom Shopify Plus platform, resulting in increased engagement and sales.
  2. Capezio: By redesigning Capezio’s eCommerce website, Absolute Web improved user experience and streamlined the shopping process, leading to higher conversion rates.
  3. Jenny Yoo: Absolute Web developed a solution for Jenny Yoo, integrating unique features that catered to both B2C and B2B aspects of the business, driving growth and expanding market reach.


Ambaum Homepage
Ambaum Homepage

Year Founded: 2009

Brief Overview: Ambaum is a Shopify Plus agency that specializes in creating high-quality eCommerce solutions. Founded in 2009, they have carved a niche for themselves by offering bespoke services that cater to the unique needs of their clients.

Ambaum prides itself on its deep understanding of the Shopify platform, ensuring that their clients not only have a visually appealing online presence but one that is also functional, user-friendly, and optimized for sales.

Expertise:Ambaum’s expertise encompasses eCommerce strategy (covering business, functional, and technical aspects), website UX design and development, ongoing website management, systems integration, brand strategy and brand identity, business strategy (including operations, resources, and financial planning), and migration from custom platforms.

Key Clients: Ambaum’s key clients include Inside Weather, Dewey Crush, Ram Mount, Hammerhead, Pair of Thieves, and Solv Wellness, showcasing the agency’s diverse expertise across various industries.

Their Approach:

  • Focus on detailed and personalized eCommerce strategy development.
  • Emphasis on crafting user-centric website designs and development.
  • Commitment to ongoing website management for optimal performance.
  • Expertise in systems integration for streamlined operations.
  • Strategic brand and business planning to align with client goals.

Case Studies:

  1. Inside Weather: Provided comprehensive eCommerce solutions including strategy, website management, and UX design.
  2. Dewey Crush: Delivered brand strategy, business strategy, and a complete eCommerce solution.
  3. Ram Mount: Specialized migration services, ongoing management, and B2B solutions.
  4. Hammerhead: Focused on eCommerce strategy, international expansion, and website optimization.
  5. Pair of Thieves & Solv Wellness: Developed strategies and managed ongoing website optimization and UX design. Homepage Homepage

Year Founded: 2012

Brief Overview: is a digital product team that supports the growth of direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands through strategic eCommerce solutions. With a team of experts from diverse industries and backgrounds, they offer comprehensive services ranging from website design and development to optimization and growth strategy.

Anatta focuses on creating meaningful and impactful digital experiences that drive sales, engage customers, and build brand loyalty.

Expertise: specializes in eCommerce strategy, design, development, and optimization. They have a strong focus on Shopify platform solutions but are not limited to it, offering a breadth of services aimed at enhancing online retail performance and customer experience.

Key Clients: has worked with several notable brands, including Molekule, Rothy’s, BRUNT, buybuy Baby, Stio, demonstrating their ability to deliver for high-profile eCommerce businesses.

Their Approach:

  • Customer-Centric: Emphasizing the importance of putting the customer first to add value and help brands scale.
  • Performance and Brand Experience: Balancing the technical aspects of eCommerce (like flow and speed) with aesthetic and user experience.
  • Strategic Redesigns: Advising against impulsive redesigns or replatforms, instead focusing on addressing core growth challenges.
  • Universal Design: Ensuring a seamless experience across all devices, emphasizing adaptability and accessibility.
  • Uniqueness Over Imitation: Encouraging brands to differentiate through their products and storytelling.
  • Focused Testing: Advocating for hypothesis-based testing to efficiently add value to the customer journey.

Case Studies:

  1. buybuy Baby: Anatta partnered with buybuy Baby to migrate the brand to Shopify Plus, aiming to enhance their eCommerce platform and improve overall performance.
  2. Athletic Greens: Since 2018, Anatta has aided Athletic Greens in increasing their subscriptions by developing a lightning-fast Progressive Web App (PWA), building a strong web infrastructure to handle high order volumes, and launching their products in international markets.
  3. True Botanicals: True Botanicals chose Anatta in July 2020 to elevate their user experience, significantly reduce costs, speed up website load times, and help scale their business as a growing direct-to-consumer brand.
  4. Dollar Shave Club: In 2022, after a competitive RFP process, Dollar Shave Club selected Anatta as their Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) partner. Anatta launched over 60 high-value tests for DSC, enabling considerable growth recovery and empowering DSC to manage their CRO program independently.

Highland Growth Partners

Highland Growth Partners
Highland Growth Partners

Year Founded: 2022
Brief Overview: Highland Growth Partners is a dynamic agency focused on helping businesses achieve significant growth and digital transformation. Using a deep understanding of e-commerce platforms, especially Shopify, they offer comprehensive solutions that encompass strategy, design, development, and marketing.

Expertise: Highland Growth Partners specializes in a wide array of services across numerous industries. Their expertise spans across digital transformation, e-commerce solutions (including Shopify), web development, digital marketing, data analytics, cybersecurity, cloud computing, and more.

Key Clients: Highland Growth Partners has notable clients including Flo, Beyond Yoga, Adrianna Papell, Urban Plates, and Medtra, showcasing their diverse expertise in driving growth and strategic development across various industries.

Their Approach:

  • Tailored strategy development to meet specific business goals.
  • Emphasis on digital transformation and e-commerce excellence.
  • Comprehensive service offering, from web development to digital marketing.
  • Focus on data-driven decisions and analytics.
  • Strong commitment to security and compliance in all solutions.

Case Studies:

  1. Raen: A sunglasses brand that experienced a sales growth from 10% to 90% in 2017 and reached 100% in 2018. Highland worked closely with the CEO to identify growth opportunities and develop a strategic plan that significantly accelerated the brand’s growth.
  2. Beyond Yoga: A company that aimed to elevate its direct-to-consumer business. Highland’s involvement led to a review of all areas of the business, improved customer acquisition efforts, revamped email and MMS marketing strategies, and ultimately, a 300% growth rate in e-commerce within six months.
  3. Fitlife Foods: A retail business providing healthy prepared meals sought to expand through e-commerce. Highland helped to conceptualize and execute a delivery-centric strategy. This initiative saw delivery sales surpass the largest retail location within six months of launch, positioning Fitlife Foods as a significant e-commerce player.

Most Popular Shopify Agencies in the UK

Here is a list of the most popular Shopify agencies based in the United Kingdom:


AYKO Homepage
AYKO Homepage

Year Founded: 2010

Brief Overview: AYKO, a leading UK ecommerce agency, specializes in creating digital experiences aligned with client objectives to enhance ecommerce and customer experience.

As an independently owned agency with over 50 professionals, they hold certifications from Adobe Gold, Shopify Plus, and Google, offering a full range from strategy to execution.

Expertise: They excel in Shopify Plus, providing development support, digital marketing, and creative services. Their services include technical SEO, digital PR, content marketing, social media, email marketing, PPC, affiliates, marketplaces, paid social, and a “No ROAS No Fee” option for paid media.

AYKO also focuses on conversion rate optimization (CRO), user experience (UX) design, and creative design, employing page builders to improve website functionality and design.

Key Clients: Some of AYKO’s notable clients include Cadburys Gifts, Aqualisa, Ladderstore, Mud Stuff, and more.

Their Approach:

  • Specializes in Shopify Plus for comprehensive eCommerce solutions.
  • Offers a wide range of organic marketing and paid media services to drive traffic and conversions.
  • Focuses on creative services including CRO, UX, and creative design for engaging customer experiences.
  • Aims to enhance clients’ eCommerce ecosystems with seamless digital experiences.
  • Practices a client-centric approach, customizing strategies to meet specific business goals and objectives.

Case Studies:

  1. Cadburys Gifts: Drove a 108% increase in revenue, with a significant improvement in key metrics: a 147% increase in average order value, a 28.14% decrease in bounce rate, and a 31.41% decrease in exit rate.
  2. Aqualisa: Conversions soared by 251% while the cost per acquisition (CPA) decreased by 62%. This translated to an 85% year-over-year (YOY) increase in revenue.
  3. Ladderstore: A strategic PPC campaign yielded great results: Revenue climbed by 165%, return on ad spend (ROAS) improved by 66%, and total conversions increased by 22%.


BlueBold Homepage
BlueBold Homepage

Year Founded: 2006

Brief Overview: Bluebolt is a premier Shopify Plus partner known for using the Shopify platform to design and launch complex B2C and B2B sites efficiently and cost-effectively.

They possess a dedicated team of Shopify experts capable of handling the most challenging customizations and integrations, aiming to deliver world-class solutions for their clients.

Expertise: Their specialization lies in navigating complex customizations and integrations with ease, demonstrating an ability to deliver tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of each client.

Key Clients: Some of Bluebolt’s notable clients include Abbott Lyon, WYSE London, Misfits, Zyro Fisher, Green People, RIXO, and more.

Their Approach:

  • Focusing on using Shopify Plus for both B2C and B2B projects
  • Specializing in complex customizations and integrations
  • Committed to delivering high-quality, efficient, and cost-effective solutions
  • Aiming for a better shopping experience for consumers everywhere

Case Studies:

  1. RIXO: RIXO’s new custom-themed website led to a 78% increase in transaction value, an 88 Net Promoter Score, 70% new customers, and 34% fewer abandoned carts.
  2. Chelsea Peers: Chelsea Peers achieved success with its custom-themed website, increasing conversion rates by 3% and revenue by 200% year-over-year through user-friendly features and streamlined workflows.
  3. Teapigs: Teapigs’ new B2B ecommerce platform on Shopify Plus attracted over 500 customers and increased average order value by 33%, enhancing product visibility for B2B customers and planning expansion into the US and Australian markets.


Tryzens Homepage
Tryzens Homepage

Year Founded: 1995

Brief Overview: Tryzens is a Shopify Plus agency specializing in creating ecommerce solutions. They offers services like UX/design, web/app development, strategy, and growth consulting.

Expertise: Tryzens aims to be an integral part of their clients’ teams, focusing on enduring partnerships and expertise in Shopify and Recharge, highlighting their dedication to client success.

Key Clients: They work with a variety of clients, including Penfolds, Cotton On, Lily’s Kitchen, Dune London, bareMinerals, Whittard, and more.

Their Approach:

  • Deep integration with client brands, acting as an extension of their team.
  • Support for brands at every step of their e-commerce journey.
  • Specialization in Shopify Plus, focusing on empowering brands to grow, scale, and adapt quickly.
  • Emphasis on long-term relationships with clients, evolving from one-time projects to ongoing partnerships.
  • Collaboration with partners to create unparalleled brand experiences on Shopify and beyond.

Case Studies:

  1. Penfolds: Their comprehensive approach, encompassing business analysis, custom UX/UI design, website development, conversion rate optimization, technical SEO, and on-site support resulted in a 117% increase in conversion rate, with 70% of sales driven online and a 17% rise in returning customers.
  2. Dune London: Using their expertise in business analysis, design, development, and optimization, Tryzens helped Dune London achieve a 70% improvement in conversion rate (Buy-to-Detail) and a 20% increase in average order value.
  3. Whittard: Through comprehensive services like business analysis, custom UX/UI design, and website development, Tryzens achieved significant growth for Whittard: 230% increase in mobile transactions, 175% increase in revenue, and a 48% conversion rate improvement.

Leading Shopify Agencies in the US

Discover the leading Shopify agencies in the United States here:

Levitate Foundry

Levitate Foundry Homepage
Levitate Foundry Homepage

Year Founded: 2020

Brief Overview: Levitate Foundry is celebrated for its unique position as the largest female-founded Shopify Plus agency in North America, dedicated to crafting ecommerce experiences for leading brands.

With certification from top platforms, the agency merges user experience design and development expertise with a deep understanding of ecommerce to propel ambitious digital and mobile-first brands towards success.

Expertise: Levitate Foundry stands out as a premier Shopify Plus agency in North America, boasting a significant accolade as the largest female-founded agency in its category.

Their expertise encompasses a broad range of services crucial for ecommerce success, including cutting-edge UX/UI design, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), strong development and technical support, and comprehensive eCommerce strategy.

Key Clients: Levitate Foundry’s clients include Makeup by Mario, Anita Ko, Nocta, Sanzo, 8Greens, and more.

Their Approach:

  • Focus on conversion optimization through strategic user interaction enhancements.
  • Champion impactful design by setting high standards in UX/UI, underscored by compelling digital storytelling.
  • Emphasize future-proof development, particularly in Shopify, to ensure technical excellence and innovative solutions.
  • Advocate for experimental, data-driven decisions in Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).
  • Offer comprehensive ecommerce support, melding ongoing promotional strategies with optimization and management for sustained growth.

Case Studies:

  1. Makeup By Mario: Makeup By Mario saw a 68% rise in DTC sales over 12 months, a 30% increase in AOV from conversion rate optimizations, and consistent month-over-month ROAS improvements.
  2. Anito Ko: Anita Ko’s brand was effectively translated online by Levitate Foundry, boosting ROAS from 0.3x to 8.25x and making paid social campaigns account for 36% of total revenues.
  3. EOS: For EOS, Levitate Foundry’s focus on conversion-led user experiences increased email revenue by 120% in nine months and grew the engaged email list by 10% through optimized automations.


Prismfly Homepage
Prismfly Homepage

Year Founded: 2020

Brief Overview: Prismfly a Shopify Plus Solutions Partner, specializes in enhancing online stores for growth, speed, and conversions, serving diverse sectors like Beauty, Fashion, Food, Jewellery, and Health.
They customize their approach for each client, prioritizing conversion rate optimization and user experience to drive good results.

Prismfly offers services like website improvement, design, audits, management, and ecommerce strategy, focusing on increasing sales and testing for better results..

Key Clients: Prismfly’s notable clients include Luxy Hair, Nutrition Faktory, Revival, Miku, and more.

Their Approach:

  • Tailored eCommerce strategies to meet business, functional, and technical requirements.
  • Conversion Optimization and Multivariate Testing to enhance store performance.
  • Comprehensive Website UX Design and Development for an intuitive and engaging user experience.
  • Website Audit and Optimization Strategy to identify and address potential improvements.
  • Support for Migration to Shopify Plus, ensuring a seamless transition.

Case Studies:

  1. Miku: Prismfly boosted Miku’s website with a 142% faster desktop and 750% faster mobile speed, plus a 5-second quicker page load.
  2. Revival: Revival saw an 11.5% rise in cart adds and a 9% higher conversion rate.
  3. Luxy Hair: Luxy Hair experienced an 8% increase in returning customer rate and a 15% rise in email revenue per session.

DigitlHaus Agency

DigitlHaus Agency Homepage
DigitlHaus Agency Homepage

Year Founded: 2016

Brief Overview: DigitlHaus Agency, an award-winning ecommerce agency, specializes in elevating mid-market and enterprise brands with services like strategic design, custom development, migrations, headless commerce, app development, SEO, and conversion optimization, backed by partnerships with top tech providers.

DigitlHaus Agency excels in partnering with top platforms like Shopify, focusing on design and strategy to boost businesses, offering custom Shopify ecommerce solutions for perfect fit and integration, enhancing online presence with SEO, and adopting headless commerce for flexible, innovative storefronts.

Key Clients: Some of the key clients of DigitlHaus Agency include Kurgo, Plant Therapy, Capelli Sport, and more.

Their Approach:

  • Experienced, creative, technical, efficient, passionate, and innovative.
  • Collaborative approach, taking the time to understand business, brand, and eCommerce needs.
  • Commitment to not just creating elegant and contemporary web designs but also driving business results.
  • High standards for every project and engagement, with a core value system that emphasizes creativity, strategy, dependability, and detailed work.

Case Studies:

  1. Cirque Colors:Cirque Colors’ Shopify store launch led to growth and customer praise for its fun experience, driven by a fresh brand experience and a consistent design system.
  2. Pickleball Central: Pickleball Central achieved a leading industry position with a modern, user-friendly site, reducing bounce rates by 10% and growing organic traffic by 26%, showing better engagement and visibility.
  3. Dexter Outdoors: Dexter Outdoors’ online store revamp resulted in a 25% sales increase and a 15% higher average order value, with a 4% drop in bounce rates, indicating a more engaging and user-friendly shopping experience.

Top Shopify Agencies in Australia

Here, you can explore the top Shopify agencies in Australia:

Overdose Digital

Overdose Digital Homepage
Overdose Digital Homepage

Year Founded: 2016

Brief Overview: Overdose Digital is a global, award-winning eCommerce agency that specializes in creating tailored eCommerce solutions. Their services range from strategic planning and platform development to digital marketing and creative design. With a focus on delivering growth and performance for their clients,

Overdose Digital uses a wide array of technologies and platforms to build scalable, efficient, and innovative eCommerce ecosystems.

Expertise: eCommerce strategy, development, performance marketing, and creative services across platforms like Shopify, Adobe Commerce, BigCommerce, and more.

Key Clients: Pet Barn, Stihl Shop, Wilson Sport, Blundstone, ALDO, SABA, Kokatat, Lekker Home, ASICS NZ, and many others.

Their Approach:

  • Customized solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs and goals.
  • A focus on using technology to enhance eCommerce performance.
  • Strategic planning to ensure long-term growth and scalability.
  • A collaborative approach, working closely with clients to ensure project success.

Case Studies:

  1. Wilson Sport: Designed and built a new Shopify storefront, focusing on brand personality and user experience.
  2. Blundstone: Architect and integrate a new digital commerce solution for international markets.
  3. ALDO: Enhanced digital presence and user experience on Shopify, focusing on online revenue growth.
  4. SABA: Delivered a customer-centric experience using modern composable frameworks.
  5. Kokatat: Known for high-quality paddling gear, highlighting the brand’s commitment to quality and customer service.

Glasshouse Digital

Glasshouse Digital Homepage
Glasshouse Digital Homepage

Year Founded: 2016

Brief Overview: Glasshouse Digital is a digital marketing agency dedicated to high ROI via full digital strategies, including digital strategy, Google AdWords, paid social, SEO, remarketing, and Google Shopping.

They focus on lasting results, clear goals, and are committed to communication, transparency, and working closely with clients.

Expertise: They focus on achieving high ROI through detailed strategies and are committed to clear communication, acting as a trusted extension of their clients’ businesses.

Key Clients: They have delivered successful campaigns for notable clients, including Watchman Capital, Smile Dental, and Aedice Limited, demonstrating a strong ability to cater to various industries with bespoke digital solutions

Their Approach:

  • Comprehensive digital strategies tailored to meet predefined goals
  • Commitment to communication, transparency, and honesty with clients
  • Proactive team offering quick, targeted, and strategic solutions
  • Specialization in generating high-quality leads via Google AdWords and Facebook Advertising
  • Creative approach to effectively target the right buyers

Case Studies:

  1. Glasshouse Digital: Successful off-plan marketing campaign.
  2. Gelous: Facebook, Instagram, and Google advertising for salon-quality products at home.
  3. Safeguard Storage: Digital advertising for storage solutions.
  4. SABEN: Luxury accessories brand promotion through digital advertising.
  5. Davroe: Google advertising for vegan, plant-based haircare products.

Elephant Room

Elephant Room Homepage
Elephant Room Homepage

Year Founded: 2014

Brief Overview: Elephant Room, established in 2014, is a comprehensive ecommerce agency with expertise in understanding customer behaviors online and offline. With a team of over 35 and experience in over 100 web projects contributing to $350M in GMV, they focus on a collaborative and adaptive approach to ecommerce, staying ahead with the latest industry trends and insights.

Expertise:  Elephant Room offers detailed ecommerce services, focusing on how customers shop online and in stores. They work closely with a team of experts to quickly adapt and deeply understand brands and their customers.
Key Clients: Notable clients include Bed Threads, Poppy Lissiman, Boody, and Sarah & Sebastian. These collaborations highlight Elephant Room’s expertise in supporting brands to achieve remarkable outcomes

Their Approach:

  • Understand: Using extensive experience to support dynamic and fast-paced retail environments.
  • Collaborate: Integrating a cross-functional team to achieve greater outcomes than possible individually.
  • Iterate: Adopting an agile approach to break bad habits and pivot quickly based on new insights.
  • People: Employing a diverse team that brings a wide range of insights and experiences to deeply understand clients’ brands, audiences, and products.
  • Informed: Placing a significant emphasis on continuous learning and training to drive innovation and success.

Case Studies:

  1. Bed Threads: Elephant Room played a pivotal role in achieving a 500% growth for Bed Threads within the first year of their partnership, underlining their ability to significantly boost business growth.
  2. Poppy Lissiman: The agency provided essential support to Poppy Lissiman, becoming a relied-upon partner for the brand’s ongoing success.
  3. Boody: Elephant Room facilitated Boody’s sustainable global expansion on Shopify, managing over 10 bespoke international websites, showcasing their capability in handling complex, multi-national ecommerce operations.
  4. Sarah & Sebastian: The agency enabled an omnichannel ecommerce experience for Sarah & Sebastian, using Klaviyo and their expertise to enhance the brand’s digital presence and sales.

Conclusion: Top Shopify Agencies

Embarking on your Shopify journey with the right partner can take your business to whole new levels.

The Shopify agencies we’ve spotlighted are not just service providers; they are collaborators and innovators committed to helping you achieve your vision.

Choosing the ideal agency from our curated list means partnering with a team that understands your unique challenges and aspirations.

It’s about more than just building a website; it’s about creating a digital experience that resonates with your audience and drives your business forward.

These agencies stand ready to bring your vision to life with creativity, precision, and a deep understanding of the digital landscape.