Welcome to the Digital Marketing & Analytics Check-Up by Analyzify — your ultimate solution to make sure every aspect of your Shopify store’s marketing and analytics is optimized and error-free.

Comprehensive analysis and actionable insights for your Shopify digital marketing & analytics assets—just in time for Black Friday.

We deep dive into your digital assets and perform a thorough Digital Marketing & Analytics Check-Up to help you improve your data tracking & reporting.

What it includes:

Want to learn more about it? Here is the detailed breakdown of what you are offered.

Deliverable 1

GA4 & Shopify Analytics Check-Up

GA4 & Shopify integration check-up helps to improve your decision-making through precise data with:

Optimized tracking settings, refined data accuracy, and enriched ecommerce event tracking for clearer, actionable insights.

GA4 Settings Evaluation:

Ensure your GA4 is fully optimized. Correct GA4 settings are crucial for reliable data, which forms the foundation of your marketing decisions.

UTM Parameter Integrity:

Secure accurate UTM tracking that is key to understanding the performance of your ad spend, particularly for social traffic. Better insights lead to smarter budget allocation.

Data Accuracy Comparison:

Align GA4 with your Shopify data, which is essential for a perfect reflection of your store’s performance. Trust in your data means trust in the insights you derive.

Comprehensive Event Tracking:

Make sure you track all the important events. Complete event tracking captures every customer interaction, providing a full picture of the customer journey and revealing opportunities to enhance engagement.

Metrics & Dimensions Assurance:

Leverage all the nuanced data points like coupon usage and product preferences. Detailed data collection is invaluable for targeted marketing and inventory management.

Google Product Integrations:

Integrate with Google’s ecosystem seamlessly, which doubles your store’s capabilities through advanced features like predictive analytics and more comprehensive data analysis for strategic decision-making.

Digital Marketing & Analytics Check-up Service (worth $1249) included for a limited time!
Deliverable 2

Google Ads Structure & Conversion Tracking Check-Up

Checking up your Google Ads helps you identify and address any conversion tracking or setting issues to get:

Correctly configured Google Ads, maximizing the effectiveness of your Performance Max and location targeting.

Conversion Tracking Setting & Data Flow:

Align your conversion tracking settings with best practices, making sure the data you collect leads to meaningful insights for your ad spend.

Conversion Tracking Accuracy & Enhanced Data in Conversions:

Check your conversion data for precision with the validation process, including enhanced conversions, to support accurate ROI assessment.

Micro Conversions Verification:

Confirm that you’re tracking micro conversions, the subtle indicators of user engagement, like newsletter sign-ups and add-to-cart actions.

Google Tag Events for Dynamic Remarketing:

Ensure your remarketing campaigns are powered by complete and relevant data by verifying Google Tag events.

Ads Account Settings Review:

Audit your account settings, a common trouble spot for merchants, to prevent any oversight that could impact ad performance.

Campaign Settings Optimization:

Make a thorough review of your campaign settings with fixes and guidance for enhanced campaign efficiency.

PMax Targeting & Settings Check:

Understand and troubleshoot the complexities coming with the Performance Max campaigns. You’ll be navigated through these complexities, and your PMax settings will produce optimal results.

Location Targeting Settings Assessment:

Focus your ads on the right audiences. Incorrect location targeting can lead to wasted spend; location targeting settings will be refined and you will be able to focus on the potential customers who can be converted into leads.

Deliverable 3

Email Marketing Fine-Tuning

Email Marketing Fine-Tuning focuses on the essential settings that form the backbone of your email communication to make sure:

Everything from sender authentication to segmentation is tuned for engagement and deliverability.

Core Email Settings Verification:

Get a thorough audit of your email system’s foundational settings to ensure optimal deliverability and performance.

Sender Domain Authentication:

Increase your email deliverability and enhance trust with DMARC verification by verifying sender domain authentication.

Email Personalization & Segmentation Checks:

Better engage and convert your audience after a comprehensive review of your segmentation and personalization strategies.

Email Sender Profile Confirmation:

Make sure your logo and icon are well-positioned & visible to reinforce brand identity with every email you send.

Deliverable 4

Tailored Shopify SEO Review

Tailored Shopify SEO Review helps you move beyond standard SEO audits with the right approach, designed exclusively for Shopify stores to provide:

Actionable insights, not automated outputs.

Broken Links:

Identify and list broken links for easy correction.

Schema (Structured Data):

Evaluate product, merchant, and organization structured data for search engine clarity.

Keyword Targeting on Homepage:

Identify optimal keyword targeting on your most powerful page.

FAQ Analysis:

Examine FAQs for their SEO and user engagement effectiveness.

Collection Internal Navigation:

Inspect navigational structure within collections for SEO and UX optimization.

Collection Descriptions:

Review collection descriptions for SEO opportunities.

Headlines & Internal Linking:

Optimize headlines for search engines and check internal linking strategy for SEO improvement.

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I’m hesitant to make changes during a critical period. Will you need to alter anything on my site?
We understand the sensitivity of making changes during high-traffic periods. Our initial audit of your assets will be conducted in a read-only mode, ensuring no changes are made without your explicit approval. Our priority is to maintain the stability of your site while offering our expert analysis and suggestions.
How will a check-up benefit me during Black Friday?
During Black Friday, your site is likely to experience a surge in traffic. It's crucial to maximize this opportunity. Our service ensures that your tracking systems are functioning correctly, and we'll resolve any issues that arise. Additionally, we'll review and optimize your advertising and email marketing settings to enhance your campaign's effectiveness.
Can I purchase Analyzify now to take advantage of the deal and use it later?
Absolutely! When you purchase Analyzify, you have the flexibility to schedule your implementation and service package at your convenience. Please contact our support team after your purchase, and we will arrange everything according to your schedule.