Best Shopify GDPR Apps & Solutions

Your GDPR Responsibilities as a Shopify Merchant



As a Shopify merchant, you have a big list of apps and solutions when it comes to GDPR. However, you are probably clueless about which ones are truly GDPR-compliant or which ones you actually need.

We have made a list considering the best choices for you. Here’s an important reminder before we start, though:

Analyzify is NOT a GDPR app; it is a data analytics app. We wanted to create this list for you as tracking and data collection are the core elements for being GDPR compliant. We also offer a complete solution for your GDPR related needs, including setup, service, and validation.

So, these are our priorities as data analytics tools for GDPR solutions:

  • To be GDPR-compliant and fit all the requirements of GDPR.
  • To provide proper tracking (Analytics & FB Pixel and others) as long as users provide consent.

    If you are an app provider and want to be on this list; kindly make sure your app provides all the requirements listed on the previous pages and then contact us.

GDPR Compatible Tracking

Some GDPR tools block your tracking completely or partially even after the user provides consent. It’s not really a good experience because you should be able to have your tracking & cookies in place if/when the user provides their consent.

In other words, your GDPR solution should provide users with the options to accept or reject the cookies and tracking, but this shouldn’t kill your tracking completely

Achieve Data Confidence and Get the Help You Need When It Matters.
Chapter 1

Best Shopify GDPR Apps & Solutions

You have a variety of options that can serve as great GDPR solutions for your business. While you can find some of them as Shopify GDPR apps in the App store, there are many third-party solutions that you can integrate with your Shopify store, as well.

1- Customer Privacy Banner (by Shopify)

Shopify has built the Customer Privacy Banner app to provide you with an easy GDPR consent solution to implement. It works with customer privacy settings within the “Preferences” section.


  • Easy to install & free.
  • A simple & nice-looking cookie consent banner design.


  • Does not have all the features to make you GDPR-compliant.
  • No options to add cookie settings that allow users to choose among the cookie types that they want (marketing, tracking, etc).
  • No customization options for the consent banner.
  • Blocks Google Tag Manager and some other important cookies by default even if the user provides consent.

2- Pandectes GDPR Compliance (by Pandectes)

It’s another great product from the Shopify ecosystem which supplies everything you need for GDPR-compliance.


  • Full compliance management.
  • Multi-language support.
  • E-mail templates.


  • Allows Analyzify & Google Tag Manager integration only on a paid plan (Plus, Premium, or Enterprise).

3. Cookiebot (by Usercentrics)

Cookiebot is one of our top recommended options. It’s an external solution so it’s not on the Shopify app store, but it provides you with all the features you need to be GDPR-compliant. It also offers you the needed tools to let you have GDPR-friendly tracking on your website.


  • All the features to make your GDPR-compliant.
  • Detailed customization options.
  • Free plan up to 100 pages (on your Shopify store).
  • Full integration with Analyzify (and all marketing tags Analyzify includes).


  • Not free if you have more than 100 pages (Starts at €9/domain/month).
  • Might require expert help to set it up properly.

We’ve listed many other apps & solutions below. Yet, we can’t give you an in-depth review of them as we haven’t tried them first hand.

If you want your app/solution to be included in this list, please contact our team and provide us with testing environments.

Other Shopify GDPR Apps

Booster: EU Cookie Bar GDPR

Booster provides a free and easy plug-in for GDPR banners to present your cookie policies to your customers. However, you should keep in mind that the app emphasizes that it cannot automatically block cookies if a customer refuses to accept your cookie policies.

View on Shopify App Store 

Ultimate GDPR EU Cookie Banner

Ultimate is another free alternative to help you set up your GDPR banners, priding itself on customizable design and support.

View on Shopify App Store 

GDPR Legal Cookie

GDPR Legal Cookie is both GDPR and CCPA compliant. It supports additional languages such as German and French, and it offers a free plan and a free trial, as well as different plans for Basic, Advanced, and Plus stores.

View on Shopify App Store 

EU GDPR Cookies Notification

Lastly, EU GDPR Cookies Notification is an app that offers a free and a priced plan. It also mentions being CCPA compliant, and features a slightly broader preference control for you, in addition to being mobile-friendly and customizable.

View on Shopify App Store

Chapter 2

Your GDPR Responsibilities as a Shopify Merchant

Given that GDPR is such a complex topic for you as a Shopify merchant, we have prepared a complete guide on it. Make sure to take your time and check it out as it won’t be enough for you to only read these key takeaways.

  • You should note that this is a rather serious matter as hundreds of businesses are fined each month. Moreover, GDPR fines increased by more than 40% between January 2020 and January 2021.

  • Even if you are not based in the EU, your Shopify store must be GDPR-compliant if you provide services for European countries.

  • You can’t achieve GDPR compliance by displaying a cookie banner or having a privacy policy. You need to meet a lot more requirements.

  • You should make sure that your website does not start tracking & utilizing related cookies before a user provides their consent. Also, users should be able to opt out at any time.

  • You need to provide your users with the option to remove all of their personal data from your databases.

  • Your website is most likely not GDPR-compliant now. A closer look and double-check could be a great idea for you.
Chapter 3

FAQ on Shopify GDPR Apps

Shopify Conversion Tracking Chapter FAQ

Analyzify experts can take care of your GDPR setup completely at no extra cost! Simply install the app and choose the “Done-For-You GDPR” option as your setup method, and our team will provide you with a GDPR audit, consent management tool adjustments, and validation & tests.

As of May 2021, Google Tag Manager has been updated with an integrated consent feature that allows for each tag you create to have built-in consent checks. So, GTM now asks for a cookie consent to be able to function in accordance with your website.

Sadly no, it is not enough.

As of February 2022, Shopify’s Customer Privacy banner doesn’t make you GDPR compliant, as it is missing a few crucial features, such as not showing the cookie categories for the users to opt out of.