Google Analytics apps are in high demand on the Shopify app store because GA is still the greatest reporting software on the market, and it gets better every year.

As a Shopify Merchant you would want to use Analytics apps to:

  • Set up Google Analytics on your store easily
  • Enhance your reports on Google Analytics
  • Do the advanced settings with ease
  • Not miss any important feature or report

Here are the top GA Apps from the Shopify app store:

7 Best Google Ads Apps for Shopify

  1. Clever ‑ Google Ads & Shopping

  2. Analyzify

  3. Suite For Google Shopping Feed

  4. Nabu Tracking For Google Ads

  5. Storeya: Google Ads & Shopping

  6. Retargeting For Google Ads

  7. Google Shopping Feeds & Ads
Free Version

Clever ‑ Google Ads & Shopping

by Clever Ecommerce

4.4 Rating – 2290 reviews

Starts At 8$ / Month

Clever describes itself as a Google Adwords automation tool that helps with pixel implementation and campaign creation. Among what it offers are conversion tag implementation, shopping feed, and Ads optimization solutions.

Here is how they summarize their services:

Google AdWords: Let’s target people searching for your products on Google Adwords network. We will drive customers to your store using Search Ads & Banners.

Conversion Tag Implementation: Get your Conversion Pixel automatically implemented by us and start tracking conversions from your campaigns since the very first day.

Google Shopping feed & ads: Optimize your Google Shopping Feed effortlessly. We will upload your products on Google Merchant Center & develop Smart Shopping campaigns.

“I used the app to help me as a brand new business owner figure out the world of ad marketing. Very helpful!”

“It helps start up e-commerce businesses such as ours use google efficiently.”

“Creates the campaigns with ease. can t wait to see what more it does.”

“The customer service is awfull. I have had ask the same question several times.”

“Very poor choice of advertising, over 80% of what they advertised were out of stock or other unavailable (e.g. wholesale only) product links.”

“All traffic is definitely coming from a click farm, I can see that all clicks are from a single region.”

Most Loved


by Solverhood

5 Rating – 180+ reviews

749$ / One time fee

Described as a Shopify data analytics powerhouse, Analyzify’s advanced data layers and Google Tag Manager setup increase your Google Ads tracking accuracy by sending more data.

Google Ads Conversion Setup: Analyzify’s GTM container provides merchants with a beginner-friendly start to conversion tracking.

Remarketing Pixels through Analyzify: A more comprehensive alternative to the official Google app’s remarketing pixels, Analyzify’s GTM setup renders the conversions much better than the native setup. A must-have for Shopify Plus stores.

“Great app! GTM, GA4, and Google Ads are such headaches. Good thing we have Analyzify to help us get through this Google Hell, lol. I’ve encountered some issues, but their support was spot on 🙂 Thanks, guys! I can’t recommend this enough.”

“Normally, as a rule, I stay away from one-time charge apps. This app is the exception to that rule. My Google GTM, GA4, Google UA, and Google AdWords feeds look like a box of Christmas tree lights that was packed away by a 2-year-old.” 

“Amazing help was provided! I really recommend this app, they worked with me to seek out google shopping ads issues. Very knowledgeable and helpful.”

“Well, we don’t have any negative points to list here in all our 148 reviews. But here’s a list of common problems from our customers that our support team handles daily:

“Data discrepancies after setup completion,
Problems with enhanced conversion setup,
Double tracking issues in GA,
Price changes on Analyzify core product or add-ons.”

Free Version & Free Trial

Suite For Google Shopping Feed

by Cedcommerce

4.9 Rating – 1350 reviews

Starting At 4$ / Month


Suite offers to help you with your Google Shopping Feed with features such as easy product listing, goal set-up & tracking, and smart shopping campaigns.

Here is how they summarize their services:

Google Shopping listings: Google brings Organic Shopping Experience for U.S. retailers, we are supporting this program to ensure broader product visibility.

Manage Google Ads: Set up Google Ads, Conversion Tracking & Goals for your business. Get a full-fledged report of your Ad Campaigns.

Buy On Google: Sell on BOG (Buy On Google) through the app with proper Product & Order Management. Buy On Google program is available in US.

“Great support team, really helpful and always answer questions quickly and promptly. recommended .thank you”

“Extremely helpful with the set up with Google Merchant Center. There were issues that were able to be cleared up easily.”

“Great communication and the app works perfectly. All the products in my store are synchronized. Installation and configuration was done quickly.”

“Pricing is not clear and app is not doing anything except syncing with ads and merchant account (already setup), customer service is pushing and chasing you to buy the most expensive option, not worth money.”

“Live support available… seems ok at start but it does not do anthing extra. Does what a google merchant center can already do… sorry.”

“WASTE OF MONEY AND TIME! they were not helpful and charged me the full $99 package and didnt get any sales nor did they follow up or showed they cared. VERY DISAPPOINTED! AND I CANT delete the membership i need to use their $29 plan now”

Free Version & Free Trial

Nabu Tracking for Google Ads

by Adnabu, Inc

4.9 Rating – 415 reviews

Starting At 10$ / Month


Nabu Tracking for Google Ads helps with optimal conversion tracking implementation and its related issues.

Here is how they summarize their services:

Easily Install Google Pixel: Easiest & Fastest installation of your Google Ads Conversion Tracking. Get your conversion pixel active in 2 easy clicks.

No Manual Coding Required: We create the AdWords conversion pixel & automatically install it at checkout. You don’t have to change any theme files or do manual changes.

Error Free Conversion Tracking: Incorrect implementation of Google Tracking can result in missed sales, wrong sale value etc. This may make optimizing campaigns hard.

“the application is simple but effective, it has a good customer service. google is pretty messy for beginners and it’s often difficult to install everything at first. Thank you”

“App performs well, customer service is very responsive and incredibly helpful. A must have for your Shopify toolkit.”

“Great app that allows me to better understand my data. Ever since I have gotten the app I’ve been able to see where my purchases come from what adsets/campaigns.”

“Support was never willing to check the code or fix eventual app bugs, instead, they only used the Google tag extension to show us a tag was present on the store. BUT: – Google ADS kept alerting us of tag issues”

“Be careful when you upgrade to the enhanced conversion tracking. Their customer reps have no idea what she is doing. Our old pixel was seasoned with $200k worth of data and she never inform us the new upgrade will override our old pixel.”

“Very bad coding by these people. screwed the Discount % displayed near the product price. … had to hire a Shopify expert to find the issue with the theme urgently…and this issue was causing people to not trust the website due to bad coding.”


Storeya: Google Ads & Shopping

by Storeya

4.3 Rating – 167 reviews

Starting At 120$ / Month


StoreYa works as a traffic booster by automating Google Ads and Facebook Ads using AI technology.

Here is how they summarize their services:

Google Shopping: Automatic modification of your products feed for Google Shopping + real-time optimization of your campaigns.

Google Ads & Remarketing: Automatic setup and real-time optimization of keywords, ads, bidding and the most relevant landing pages.

Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads: We will combine growth and retargeting campaigns in order to provide you with the best ROAS and scaling opportunities.

“This is very good for starting out! They set up everything and do the work. I would 100% recommend this to anyone that wants to grow their business through ads. They do all the work!”

“Using this app to boost traffic and orders via Google ads and shopping and have seen a really good ROAS achieved very quickly.”

“We have been happy with the results, and the customer service has been great at well. They can work with you on customs solutions, and are usually quick to fix any issues”

“Wasted marketing dollars. Do it yourself or get help from a Fiverr freelancer. You’ll get far better results with a lot more transparency. Automated robots don’t work. I used for 2.5 months. Enough time to prove themselves.”

“Horrible customer service. I chose the basic $120 plan to start and was charged $335. I was sent setup instructions hours after creating the account. I would not recommend them.”

“Very Disappointing result !! For the 1st month, I pay $1000 for the ads and they gave me “642” visitor and “0” sells. Think twice before giving them your money.”

Free Version & Free Trial

Retargeting for Google Ads

by Adnabu, Inc

4.8 Rating – 104 reviews

Starting At 10$ / Month


Retargeting for Google Ads focuses on dynamic retargeting and offers an effective and hassle-free Google Ads experience.

Here is how they summarize their services:

1 click to retarget users: Automatically implement Google Ads dynamic retargeting code across website. No manual change or code editing needed of Google Pixel.

Create Audiences in Google Ads: Automatically create Google Ads retargeting & remarketing audiences to retarget users like cart abandoners, home page visitors, etc.

Zero errors in Google Ads: Implementing Google Ads retargeting & remarketing code manually can result in errors. AdNabu ensures zero errors in the process.

“Cool support, Good functionality, Highly recommending this app if you’re looking for fast integration without digging in code.”

“One Click Setup and all the valuable audiences are there. If you want to be 100% sure that the audience population is on point this app is a must!”

“Super easy to use and install. Worked right away and their customer support was amazing. Shubham was excellent with helping me over the chat support and overall a great experience.”

“An absolute SCAM – free to install but they charge you $10 if you have ANY Google Ads running, even if you never used the app and the Google Ads you have in place were running long before you ever installed the app.”

“It’s free if you don’t run any ads. What is the point of calling it free… isn’t running ads the point?”

“Very bad coding by these people. I installed the app and it screwed the Discount % displayed near the product price.”

Free Trial

Google Shopping Feeds & Ads

by Sales & Orders

4.8 Rating – 36 reviews

Starting At 10$ / Month


Retargeting for Google Ads focuses on dynamic retargeting and offers an effective and hassle-free Google Ads experience.

Google Shopping Feeds & Ads helps you to build a product feed and publish it on numerous platforms. It offers reports, price competitor analysis, and an ad management platform to boost your traffic.

Here is how they summarize their services:

Create Product Feeds: Automatically build and submit product feeds to popular ad channels including Google, Microsoft Bing, Facebook/Instagram, Pinterest & more.

Manage Product Shopping Ads: Manage & optimize your Shopping ads for Google Ads, Microsoft Bing Ads, Facebook/Instagram & Affiliates all from one easy-to-use platform.

In-Depth Feed & Ads Reporting: In-app feeds and ads reporting breaks down performance across each channel so you can understand every aspect of your product marketing.

“The S&O team is very knowledgeable, supportive and reactive to any questions or concerns and helped me set up campaigns that have been creating ROAS of over 14 for the last 90 days. I would highly recommend using this app.”

“This app really makes everything with google ads and product feed so much easier and understandable. Tony and Scott from support has been very patient and given me top of the range support. I would highly recommend this app.”

“Their interface is easy to use. Most of my feed loaded properly but when there was an issue, I got great help by calling them.”

“Wish I could give a negative Star. Paid for there Managed services and account never performed causing losses in ad revenue. So if you want to waist your time and money Try this application.”

“This app is waste, garbage how you can ask for the money wthout doing anything. Well i will suggest you to ignore this app do not install this app”

“It’s much more expensive than other feed apps out there. ..The free version also does not support modifying titles and descriptions to be different than what you have on the store, which is what is needed in most cases when using google shopping.”

Elevate Your Google Ads Performance!

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