Google Analytics apps are in high demand on the Shopify app store because Google Analytics is still the greatest reporting software on the market, and it gets better every year. As a Shopify Merchant you would want to use Analytics apps to:

  • Set up Google Analytics 4 and Universal Analytics on your store easily
  • Enhance your reports on Google Analytics
  • Do the advanced settings with ease
  • Not miss any important feature or report
  • Get support fix your Google Analytics and tracking problems.

We strongly recommend you to choose your Shopify Google Analytics app wisely because it is such an important asset for your business. Make sure to read reviews, check features and pricing carefully, and get in touch with the app developers if you have any questions in mind.

8 Best Google Analytics Apps for Shopify

1. Analyzify

2. Littledata Analytics

3. Lara Google Analytics

4. Blyp: Ai-powered Cro

5. Audience Insights & Analytics

6. Ad Google Analytics 4

7. Profit Analytics & Benchmark

8. Magic Google Analytics 4

Most Loved


by Solverhood

5 Rating – 180+ reviews

749$ / One time fee

Analyzify includes data layers, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics 4, and other integrations that native Shopify doesn’t offer. Plus, it tracks events like add-to-cart, product list visits, and product list/category clicks.

In direct support we trust: The Analyzify team provides setup service, direct support at configuring data layers, and open source materials regularly with updated solutions.

Accurate and improved tracking for GA4 & UA: GTM Integration and data layers provide quality data flow for better reporting.

Pro solutions with beginner-friendly delivery: Analyzify features insights to advanced settings like referral exclusion, cross-domain tracking, user-ID setup, Google Ads & Search Console linking, IP filters, and more.

It’s the only implementation for GA4+Shopify so far that provides JavaScript code that Shopify doesn’t strip down when pasting into the checkout settings and saving – (…)

Google Analytics 4 is working perfectly; I didn’t have any experience with this. I didn’t need a developer, and I’ve acquired a whole team happy to help me(..)

Excellent support was provided by Analyzify Team. Our case was not simple, there were a lot of discrepancies in the measurement. But they handled it with utmost care & deliver a robust and accurate GA4 integration with advanced tracking.

“Well, we don’t have any negative points to list here in all our 148 reviews. But here’s a list of common problems from our customers that our support team handles daily:

“Data discrepancies after setup completion,
Problems with enhanced conversion setup,
Double tracking issues in GA,
Price changes on Analyzify core product or add-ons.”

Free Trial

Littledata Analytics

by Littledata

4.5 Rating – 83 reviews

Starts At 129$ / Month

Littledata Analytics is a tracking app for Google Analytics to ensure your sales data is accurate. It also functions through other reporting tools like Tableau and Data Studio, with its data layer being extensible to Google Tag Manager as well.

Here is how they summarize their services:

Automatic tracking: Set up improved tracking in minutes. Track your checkout flow, customer lifetime value (LTV), and more — straight into Google Analytics.

Sales data & recurring orders: Track every purchase, including recurring orders from apps like Recharge, Smartrr, Ordergroove and Bold Subscriptions. Multi-currency too!

Marketing attribution: Server-side tracking for accurate marketing attribution. Track every channel, from paid Facebook Ads to Klaviyo email marketing.

“This app gives us much more accurate data. The difference between the data from shopify and google analytics has been reduced significantly. Very happy! Customer service is impeccable. Super friendly, quick and helpful.”


“This is a tool you must have in any Shopify store if you use Google Analytics for reporting. It has also a lot of integrations out of the box that will enhance your reports”


“We have been using Littledata for almost 2 years now and are very happy with the consistency of data, the default schemas, and ability to customize and iterate our set-up over time.”

“I advise all users to review the events sent in real time – the application works incorrectly. Support, as it responds over time, you wait and receive information that it works great, and buy enterprise. The application also has errors in the panel.”

“Free trial does not provide much data/functionality. We’ve had problems for months getting everything to sync – still doesn’t work. Customer service is condescending. Waste of money and more importantly, time.”

“Free trial is pointless as it only checks your data monthly if it all. Tells me it may take a few minutes, took over 4 hours to pull in 10 weeks of data.”

Free Trial

Lara Google Analytics

by Xtraorbit Web Development Srl

5 Rating – 1 reviews

Starts At 2.99$ / Month

Lara Google Analytics is a widget to help you view your Google Analytics metrics in a single space. It offers specialized access features, real time monitoring and info of visitors, ease of setup, and lots of other features.

Free Trial

Blyp: Ai-powered Cro

by Blyp

5 Rating – 32 reviews

Starts At 59$ / Month

Blyp: AI-Powered CRO is a data analyst and tracking tool that detects “actionable insights” or “blyps” such as broken checkout or products with high refund rate. It offers constant tracking and highlights your store’s performance.

Here is how they summarize their services:

Stay on top of your data: Not a fan of data? Busy with work? Blyp analyzes your data for you and lets you know how you are doing, what’s broken, and how to improve.

Identify profit opportunities: Cut through the noise and dashboards to uncover actionable, data-driven insights to help you boost revenue and increase profit.

Get your insights FAST: Connect your store, Google Analytics, Facebook and more in one click! No code required. Get the data analyst you always wanted.

“awesome to have sophisticated analytics, and CX is amazing. They are even willing to build out new features based on our feedback!”

“Impressed with Blyp – this app provides me with actionable insights, is easy to use, and their team is amazing. Their personalized support and quick responses allow me to truly use their app to improve my business metrics and make strategic decisions.”

“Great app and service- highly recommend for any small business, especially one that doesn’t have an in-house analytics team.”

Free Version

Audience Insights & Analytics

by Datonics

2.3 Rating – 3 reviews

Audience Insights & Analytics is an app that helps you understand customer demographics and develop data-based insights.

Here is how they summarize their services:

Understand Your Audience: Gain comprehensive insight into the makeup of your audience across demographics, shopping behavior, interests, hobbies, and more.

Personalize Experiences: Leverage your unique audience insights to fuel more relevant products, messaging, ad campaigns, UI/UX design, style, themes, and content.

Improve Marketing Strategy: Monitor the impact of campaigns and effectively allocate media spend. Uncover hidden data insights and take action via Datonics 1k+ segments.

“Shows detailed and easy to use analytics! Happy with it so far and we haven’t had any issues to date.”

“we installed the app and more than 24hrs have past no data is still showing. it only says. Hold Tight! Your segments will begin to populate in as little as 24 hours.”

“This app inserted what appeared to be malicious code into our homepage. It created a white bar at the bottom of the our homepage with hidden text that said “Insert Ad Here!” and what appeared to be a link to some kind of bidding portal. STAY AWAY!!!!”

Free Trial

Ad Google Analytics 4

by Ad Digitech

3.5 Rating – 6 reviews

Starts At 3$ / Month

AD Google Analytics 4 focuses on Google’s newest version of Analytics (GA4) and offers advanced tracking and other advanced features.

Here is how they summarize their services:

Advanced Tracking: See what happened before and after the tracking. Understand how visitors navigate your website.

Google Analytics 4: Google Analytics 4 is the newest tracking platform released by Google. It’s a completely new system that is totally separate from Universal.

Very Easy To Use. One Click! Easy to setup and no coding skill required for track events.

“The app does the job well and is reasonably priced. Prompt support response when I needed too! Happy to recommend”

“I recently downloaded this app as I wanted to find a simple way to get a deeper understanding of Google Analytics 4. I have only had it for a couple of days but found it easy to install and have been pleased with the data I have had so far.”

“We were looking to added GA4 to our shopify without doing anything to our shopify code and Alpesh help us and there was a problem coming initially but he quickly resolved it and its working”

“Does not work properly. Gives me error when loading. I do not recommend this app. Slows your website speed.”

“I installed this app to help me with google analytics tracking but I keep getting an error. The app does not work as intended and you cannot create specific audiences. App Gitches”

Free Version & Free Trial

Profit Analytics & Benchmark

by Conversific Ltd.

4.9 Rating – 152 reviews

Starts At 29$ / Month

Profit Analytics & Benchmark is a tool to integrate your Shopify data with Google Analytics to achieve accurate and clear metrics. It allows for benchmarking against competitors, gives business insights, and helps to track performance with customer and product analysis features.

Here is how they summarize their services:

Surpass your competition: Get a direct look into your competitors data with our industry benchmarks! Use this unfair advantage and get business insights to grow.

Know what drives your profit: See the complete picture with accurate profit calculations! Use product & customer analytics to find where to focus your marketing efforts.

Forget about Spreadsheets: Obtain analytics reports to track your true profit and 100+ KPIs (Sales, Cost, ROAS…). All data in one dashboard, no spreadsheets needed!

“Intuitive and powerful app. It can be as simple or as detailed as you like, which is great for different levels within organization. UX/UI is solid, and the customer service is above and beyond.”

“This app is simple to set up. Literally, with the click on one button, it is up and running. The information presented is invaluable and gives you a lot of action items to go away and resolve manually or with their recommendations.”

“The app is doing a great job aggregating data from various sources to process it and transform it into easily digestible information. Well structured and packed with insights you otherwise need to dig for in your Google Analytics or Ads accounts.”

“It has way too many things broken. I lost track of all the menus and features that simply don’t work.”

“I like the service that this app provides, however the data is continuously incorrect, and customer service is extremely slow to respond.”

“not helpful for small business, only can check last month status nothing else,…. not found any helpful in this app”

Free Trial

Magic Google Analytics 4

by Smart Ecom Tech

5 Rating – 1 reviews


Magic Google Analytics 4 is another app that focuses on GA4, Google’s newest version of analytics, and offers enhanced tracking and easy installation.

Here is how they summarize their services:

Enhanced E-Commerce Tracking: Our enhanced e-commerce tracking allows you to receive accurate conversion data for your Shopify store.

Made for Google Analytics 4: Utilize the new features of Google Analytics 4 to track the visitors and generate reports that will help with your marketing.

One-Click Installation: Connect your Shopify store to Google and track events with just one click.

“.. I am thrilled that there’s an app to help fill the gap of customizing a dataLayer, which I don’t have the skills to do. THANK YOU!! It does take about 2 days for the data to populate, so don’t despair if you don’t see immediate conversions.”

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FAQ on Google Analytics Apps

Shopify Conversion Tracking Chapter FAQ

Analyzify’s Universal Analytics integration (through GTM) is more efficient than the native integration. However, Shopify has some limitations (lack of the “checkout.liquid” file) for non-Shopify Plus clients about the checkout process tracking.

So, even though Analyzify’s UA integration is better, it won’t work on the checkout pages for non-Shopify Plus clients. Because of this, we strongly recommend using GA4 through Analyzify’s GTM and native UA integration for non-Shopify Plus clients. In short, you shouldn’t remove it and keep the native integration.

Shopify Plus clients should choose our UA integration through GTM because it works better than the native one. In that case, you can remove the native integration and activate our UA tags on Google Tag Manager.

Ideally, yes. Shopify Analytics apps (like Analyzify) increases the accuracy, enriches the data, and solve known problems with the Shopify – Google Analytics connection.

Analyzify works through Google Tag Manager. Our Universal Analytics (UA) tags are paused by default, because most merchants use the native integration for UA. So it will not affect your existing native UA setup.

We strongly recommend using GA4 through Analyzify’s GTM and native UA integration for non-Shopify Plus clients.

Shopify Plus clients can choose our UA integration through GTM because it works better than the native one.