You’re investing significant amounts of money into Google Ads, but do you truly understand what’s happening with your campaigns?

While you may have a general idea of your overall Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), the following questions arise:

  • Is that figure reliable?
  • How much of your ROAS can be attributed to branded terms or remarketing efforts?
  • Which landing pages, campaigns, and ad sets are the winners and losers?
  • How can you increase your ROAS and scale your business using Google Ads?

Data-First Google Ads Optimization Course

Data-First Google Ads Optimization video series is tailor-made for Shopify merchants and e-commerce brands like yours. You don’t need to be an expert or have any knowledge about the topic – as we will do everything together, step-by-step.

By the end of this course, you’ll have the expertise to generate meaningful insights, identify the winning strategies, and expose the losing assets within your Google Ads campaigns. You’ll no longer be left in the dark about your advertising effectiveness. It’s time to gain clarity, take control, and unlock the hidden opportunities that will drive your Shopify store’s success.

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Course Overview – Lesson Plan

Data-First Google Ads Optimization Course will have three main sections and 20+ in-depth lessons. It will be completely free – and released on Youtube like other Analyzify resources.

The first section: Analyze, will be released within July 2023. Make sure to sign up for the course email list not to miss any updates.


Data-First Google Ads Optimization Course will have three main sections.

Section 1: Analyze

This section will give you all the tools for analyzing your existing Google Ads campaigns and ad groups. In this section, you will understand how your existing ads are doing and what you do to improve those.
Release Date: 1st July

Section 2: Optimize

In Section 2, you will discover the strategies and tactics to optimize your Google Ads campaigns based on the insights gathered in the previous section. Learn how to leverage data-driven insights to refine your targeting, improve ad creatives, optimize bidding strategies, and maximize your return on investment. This section will empower you to take your campaigns to the next level of performance and efficiency.

Release Date: 1st October


Section 3: Create

Section 3 will guide you in creating new campaigns and structuring your ads account specifically tailored to e-commerce brands and Shopify merchants. You will learn the best practices for setting up campaigns, ad groups, and ad creatives to drive maximum impact and results. Create a solid foundation for your advertising success and unlock the full potential of Google Ads.

Release Date: 1st November

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Lesson 1: Intro – Setting the Scene

Before diving into analysis and making data-driven decisions, it’s crucial to have trust in the data being collected. We will guide you through the essential steps to ensure accurate data collection in Google Ads and GA – and take action together if needed.

Here’s an overview of what we will cover:

  • Linking Google Ads & GA4: We will link your Google Ads and GA4 accounts, establishing a seamless connection between the platforms.
  • Enabling Google Signals and Important Settings: We will dive deep into GA4 and Google Ads settings, ensuring that Google Signals is enabled, along with other crucial configurations to optimize data collection.
  • Double Checking Your Conversion Tracking: We verify your conversion tracking setup to ensure accurate tracking of your desired actions and goals.
  • Activating Enhanced Conversions: We will activate the enhanced conversion tracking if that’s not working on your account.

By the end of Lesson 1, you will have established a solid foundation for data analysis, with confidence in the accuracy and reliability of your data. Let’s ensure your Google Ads and GA4 accounts are correctly connected, your conversion tracking is in order, and you are ready to embark on a data-driven journey of analysis and optimization.


Lesson 2: Standard Google Ads Reports in GA4

Standard Google Ads Reports in GA4
In Lesson 2, we will explore the powerful standard reports available in GA4 for measuring the performance of your Google Ads campaigns. You can view classic Google Analytics metrics such as:

  • Users (+Sessions)
  • New Users
  • Engagement Rate (+Average Engagement Time)
  • Conversion Rate
  • Conversions
  • Revenue and many others.

by Google Ads

  • Account
  • Campaign
  • Ad Group
  • Keyword (+Search Term)
  • Landing Page.

We will dive deep into these metrics and understand how to analyze Google Ads campaigns in Google Analytics 4.

Lesson 3: Products & Categories Analysis (PPC Filtered in GA4)

Product Category Performance Reports in GA4
Understanding the performance of individual products and collections is crucial, especially in the era of Performance Max campaigns. By gaining insights into which products and collections receive clicks and how they perform, you can optimize your ads effectively by focusing on the winners and pausing the underperforming ones.

In Lesson 3, we will dive into the specifics of your campaigns by conducting a comprehensive analysis of products and categories within GA4.

We will create a custom report and view Products & Collections with the following metrics:

  • Items Viewed
  • Added to Cart (Select Item for Collection Pages)
  • Item Revenue
  • Total Users
  • Purchases
  • Conversion rate
  • First-time purchasers
  • 90-days active users
  • ARPU


Lesson 4: Landing Page Analysis (PPC Filtered)

Landing Page Reports in GA4
Understanding the performance of your landing pages is crucial, as every click comes at a cost.

Landing page reports provide valuable insights distinct from product/category performance reports, allowing you to uncover opportunities for optimization and identify areas where you may be losing money.

In this lesson, we will add a PPC filter in Google Analytics 4 and view landing pages with the following metrics:

  • Sessions & Users (+New)
  • Avg Engagement Time
  • Conversion Rate
  • Campaign as a Secondary Dimension
  • First-time purchasers
  • 90-days active users
  • ARPU

By analyzing these metrics, you will gain a deeper understanding of which landing pages are driving the most profit and which ones may be causing losses.

Lesson 5: Segments & Audiences in GA4

Segments in GA4
In Lesson 5, we will explore the powerful features of Segments & Audiences in GA4. Segments allow you to create different viewpoints by applying specific filters to view GA4 reports. This lets you analyze data from different perspectives and gain valuable insights into user behavior and campaign performance.

Some segment examples could be:

  1. Visitors from All PPC Campaigns
  2. Visitors from Only PMax Campaigns
  3. Visitors from A Specific Campaign

This way, you can view all GA4 reports using different segments and compare the user behaviors.

Audiences will enable you for more profound insights – and also importable to Google Ads for Ads targeting. Example audiences:

  • Purchasers
  • Non-Purchasers
  • Added to cart but not Purchased
  • Viewed X Collection – not Purchased

In this way, you can target these audiences differently in separate campaigns and do many other things in Google Ads.

Lesson 6: Attribution Models & Modal Comparisons

GA4 Modal Comparison Report
In this lesson, we will explore attribution models and model comparisons to gain a deeper understanding of how different attribution models impact the evaluation of your campaign performance. Attribution models determine how credit for conversions is assigned to different touchpoints along the customer journey.

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Data First Google Ads Optimization Course Ecommerce
We have designed this exclusive course specifically for Shopify merchants and ecommerce brands, and we are excited to announce that it will be released for free on YouTube. Starting in July 2023, we will be launching one section each month, allowing you to learn and implement the strategies at your own pace.

Instructor: Erman Küplü

Erman is a seasoned expert in the field of search engine marketing with over 15 years of experience. As the co-founder of Solverhood and co-creator of Analyzify, he has played a pivotal role in shaping the success of these ventures. With his vast knowledge and expertise, Erman has been instrumental in educating and empowering thousands of students through his tutoring in Analyzify courses.

From a young age, Erman’s passion and focus have revolved around the internet. During his early years in university, he realized that he could turn this passion into a profession. While he initially faced challenges in dealing with clients, finances, and deadlines, partnering with his most trusted companion in life elevated his business experience to a whole new level.

Following a series of successful entrepreneurial ventures, Erman and his partner Ali founded Digibase, a digital marketing agency based in Istanbul. Over the past eight years, they have served both national and international clients, delivering exceptional results and forging lasting partnerships.

In 2016, Ali introduced a new business concept, Selfinvest, which became a turning point for Erman. Taking charge of the digital marketing and technical aspects of Selfinvest’s flagship product, Business for Freedom, Erman discovered a newfound freedom to pursue his passion and make a positive impact on people’s lives. As Selfinvest transformed the lives of its participants by sharing freedom, love, and knowledge, Erman’s own life underwent a profound transformation.

Today, with SOLVERHOOD, Erman collaborates with entrepreneurs from around the globe, creating unparalleled customer experiences that exceed expectations. He offers meticulously crafted service packages, solving complex business problems and propelling his clients’ businesses to new heights in the digital world.

With his wealth of experience and deep commitment to excellence, Erman is dedicated to sharing his knowledge and expertise in the “Data-First Google Ads Optimization Course.” Through his guidance, you will gain valuable insights, strategies, and techniques to optimize your Google Ads campaigns and drive remarkable results. Join Erman on this educational journey and unlock the full potential of your advertising efforts.

Erman Küplü - Data Analytics Training in Zurich Film Festival - Erasmus+ ProgramErman is not only an experienced professional in the field of search engine marketing but also a dedicated educator. He has had the privilege of sharing his expertise and knowledge with individuals and organizations across the globe. As a proud tutor and educational partner of the European Union’s Erasmus+ Program, Erman has contributed to the development of aspiring marketers and professionals.

One notable highlight of Erman’s educational journey is his involvement in providing data analytics and digital marketing trainings to film and music festivals throughout Europe, including the prestigious Zurich Film Festival. Through these trainings, Erman has had the opportunity to empower individuals in the entertainment industry, equipping them with the necessary skills to navigate the digital landscape and maximize their marketing efforts.

Erman’s passion for education extends beyond borders as he continues to inspire and educate individuals from diverse backgrounds. His commitment to sharing knowledge and empowering others shines through his involvement in various educational initiatives. Join Erman in the “Data-First Google Ads Optimization Course” and benefit from his extensive experience and expertise in the field of digital marketing.