Analyzify Solves 50+ Known Tracking Problems

Our solid data analytics setup prevents & fixes tracking related issues. Challenge our experts with your store-level problems.

Google Analytics Problems

Analyzify comes with a complete Google Analytics 4 setup, including all e-commerce reports.

We help you set up and utilize checkout funnels. It is available for all Shopify merchants in UA, and only for Shopify merchants in GA4.

Seeing Stripe, PayPal, KlarnaPayments, Recharge, and etc. on your referral reports? Our team and guides will help you fix it.

Seeing them as referrals or not seeing them at all? You’ll get guidance from our app & team to have them on your reports properly.

Our setup pushes all the user-level metrics into GA4 and UA. You can easily set user-level reports with our documentation’s help.

Although 100% match is not possible; Analyzify improves accuracy to the best possible ratio – usually above 90%.

UA & GA4 has the “purchase” as a default conversion on e-commerce reports. We guide you through the setup for other micro conversions.

Our setup increases the accuracy of your attribution. That boosts your direct traffic ratio to reasonable numbers.

Shopify’s native integration does not support the product list reports, but we do. With our setup, you will be able to see the product lists (collection, category) on your reports.

Google Ads Problems

Accurate & reliable conversion tracking using Google Tag Manager. Purchase, cart, user-level data is also included.

Missing conversions or counting multiple? Analyzify delivers the best solution for you.

A powerful, customizable alternative to the native integration. Dynamic remarketing setup through GTM works seamlessly.

90% of Shopify merchants go for the wrong attribution model. Our guides will help you choose the one that produces the perfect outcome for your case.

GTM & Data Layers Problems

No worries! Most of our clients are not experts. Our setup-validation wizards, knowledge base, and support team will guide you through it.

Analyzify injects fully functional data layers into your store. If some events do not work as they are supposed to, our support team will jump right into the case.

3rd party solutions (page builders, checkout, upsell, recurring payment apps) definitely make tracking much more difficult. We’re setting up tracking for the ones where it works.

We have seen worse than that! Our setup guides and support team are more than happy to help you with your specific case.

You definitely can. You will only miss the checkout steps tracking. 7 out of 8 e-commerce events and reports will be working perfectly.

That’s great. You can use our triggers and variables to add new tags or manage the existing ones. Our support team is also there to help you.

GDPR Problems

Unfortunately, that is the case for most stores. The Analyzify app, our team, and integrated solutions will ensure that your store complies with GDPR.

That means your store is not GDPR compliant. All pixels and cookies should be blocked before consent is provided.

That shouldn’t be. Most visitors actually provide consent so you should still have a significant amount of data on your Analytics. There must be something wrong with your setup, in this case.

That’s a complex setup, but don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! GDPR compliance is a breeze with our specially-crafted GTM container. Analyzify is integrated with three different reliable cookie consent solutions, and we also provide audit & setup services for GDPR.

Analyzify GTM setup uses Google’s consent mode.


That’s okay – because we deliver the best solution for you! You can use our top-notch guides and tutorials to have your setup be GDPR-compliant, or request our Done-For-You GDPR setup at no extra cost.

Anything Else?

We have fixed far too many problems up until now. We couldn’t list all of them here. If you have a specific problem, check out our documentation or contact our support team. We love challenges.

Get a complete Shopify data analytics setup

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Seamless Data Analytics Setup for Shopify Merchants

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Yes! Analyzify is not just about quality software. We provide an all-in-all & turnkey data analytics setup for Shopify merchants, offering two different setup options:

Done-For-You: Our experts handle the entire data analytics setup for you at no extra cost. This ensures a reliable and accurate setup.

Do-It-Yourself: If you prefer a more hands-on approach, we provide guides and tutorials to help you easily set up the analytics yourself.

After the setup, we offer different data validation options for optimal accuracy. Choose from Done-For-You Validation, Real-time Data Flow Validation (BETA), or Do-It-Yourself Validation.

Yes, Analyzify is perfectly compatible with non-Shopify Plus stores. Purchase tracking and other user behavior metrics & reports are incredibly crucial for any store, and you will still have a majority of the events/reports with a regular plan.

The only limitation for regular Shopify stores is that they are NOT allowed to edit the checkout process. So, Google Tag Manager and all the other tracking codes will still work on every page, including the order processed page (aka. “thank you” page), but the checkout steps won’t be included.

Absolutely. Analyzify has developed to provide accurate data for Shopify clients. With over five years of background in the data analytics field, we are committed to delivering reliable results. While data can never be 100% accurate due to technical reasons, our goal is to maintain at least 90% consistency. We continuously monitor and take action to address any inaccuracies promptly. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we are always ready to help you.To learn more about our data accuracy, please visit here.

Yes! We used to recommend our customers activate this feature as a secondary conversion because it did not work as perfectly: warnings or inaccuracies could come up even when it was set up correctly. Today, we trust the measurement of this feature, so we keep our “Primary Conversions as Enhanced Conversion” settings turned on.

Definitely yes! You can set up Analyzify now and the data will be tracked once you launch. You can also choose to set up Analyzify on a duplicated/development theme. So, you can set it up and test it before you go live.

Enhanced E-commerce is a Universal Analytics (the old version) feature – and it is included in our setup. However, we recommend using the native UA integration because of the checkout.liquid limitations for non-Shopify Plus clients. You can learn more here.

Analyzify tracks many events & actions that Shopify’s native integrations do not, such as product list visits, product list/category clicks, etc. Moreover, as Google announced that Universal Analytics will be completely replaced with Google Analytics 4 in July 2023, Analyzify includes data layers, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics 4, and many other integrations that the native Shopify simply doesn’t offer.

Analyzify also provides you with a well-designed data layer, which means you could extend your 3rd party implementations with other marketing partners easily. Analyzify offers you direct support to configure your GA account to get the best out of the data layers like content grouping, custom dimensions, goal setup, etc.Last but not least, Analyzify comes with a detailed Google Data Studio report through which you can see all the important reports in detail. You can find the features and breakdown of Analyzify’s product by clicking here.

Shopify’s native reports will not be enough for you to run and optimize professional marketing campaigns as they provide you only with a simple report interface covering the most basic data.

Furthermore, its native integration doesn’t support Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics 4, and many other related parties.

That’s why you need an advanced tracking & reporting setup to maximize your ROI.

Your historical data won’t be affected. Analyzify doesn’t require creating new Google Analytics, Google Ads or Google Tag Manager accounts. It works on your existing properties. It just changes the way that data flows into these accounts. You can learn more about our process through this link.

We apply a 25% discount on the 2nd store if the stores are identical (theme, apps, products). The same goes for 3rd, 4th, or more stores. In a summary, you will pay the full amount for the 1st store and you will get a 25% discount on the following stores. You can read the details on our related support page.

Yes, Analyzify helps track the sources of your purchases/clients. Our reports include direct access to data from GA4 and Google Ads, critical reports and KPIs displayed on one screen, troubleshooting-focused reports for Google Ads (e.g., worst-performing keywords, locations, devices), GA4 eCommerce funnels & custom reports, and a Conversion Tracking Validation Report for real-time status updates on data collection.

We continuously enhance our dashboards and reports to provide accurate and actionable data.

We have had many clients switching from another app to Analyzify – and the transition is always smooth as we offer a set-up service at no extra cost.

We can help you switch from another app/service provider. Our data specialists can execute your setup with an additional case, taking the steps needed, getting your confirmation/comments when needed, and validating & making sure everything works.

Please inform our support team about this upon your purchase.

At Analyzify, we are committed to providing excellent support and service to our customers. As part of this commitment, we offer three months of support at no extra cost following the purchase of our product. We do not offer discounts, with the exception of a 25% discount for additional stores. Our pricing policy is designed to be transparent and fair for all of our customers. Click here to explore Analyzify’s offerings and understand our refund, discount, and free trial policy.