Analyzify empowers 2000+ merchants
for many different use cases.

Solid data analytics setup

Accurate data with a customizable, expert-level setup. Includes troubleshooting & monitoring.

Shopify data layers

Get the most comprehensive Shopify data layers, including 20+ events and 100+ parameters.

10+ Integrations

Integrate with Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics 4, and many other data destinations.

Deeper GA4 & Ads Integrations

Get a complete GA4 e-commerce tracking, Google Ads conversion & remarketing setup.

Customizable assets

No 3rd party scripts are involved. Use Analyzify’s de-coded customizable assets.

Support by experts

Managed onboarding, setup, and validation & help with store-level problems.

Enhanced & validated tracking on Shopify

Reliable and accurate data analytics setup without giving you a hassle. The most common use cases are:

  • Setting up data layers
  • Integrating Shopify <> GTM
  • Setting up GA4 e-commerce
  • Integrations Shopify <> 10+ destinations

Store-level support by data experts

Generous, expert-level support helps you achieve the best possible data analytics setup. Common use cases:

  • Clean up old pixels, fix broken tags
  • Apply the latest best practices
  • Audit data analytics structure
  • Get expert help on store-level problems.

Customizable, de-coded assets

With Analyzify, you own your tracking setup; no 3rd party scripts are involved. You can enjoy: 

  • Customize GTM & data layers
  • Set up custom events 
  • Integrate with new destinations
  • Multi-domain, multi-language support

Google Analytics 4

Use Analyzify for a complete GA4 e-commerce integration, help, and customizations.

  • Enable GA4 e-commerce reports.
  • Accurate & reliable data flow 
  • GA4 conversions & funnels & custom reports
  • Expert help with customizations

Solid Shopify <>
Google Ads Integration

The most comprehensive integration, including the latest data points, including the following and more: 

  • Enhanced conversions setup
  • Customizable dynamic remarketing 
  • Share all available data through pixels
  • Conversion tracking troubleshooting by experts

GDPR Compliant Tracking

Uphold the law and protect user privacy with Analyzify’s fully functional solution, ensuring 100% GDPR compliance in every aspect.

  • A tracking system that works with visitor’s consent
  • Seamless Integration with Major GDPR Solutions
  • Expert Setup & Validation Service at No Extra Cost
Achieve Data Confidence and Get the Help You Need When It Matters.