Up-to-Date & Expert-level Integration

Feed Google Ads with Accurate Data

Improve your ROI with Analyzify’s deeper Shopify and Google Ads integration, providing Google Ads with all available data for optimized campaigns. 

The integration covers both Enhanced Conversion Tracking & dynamic re-marketing pixels. 

Stay Ahead with an Up-to-Date Google Ads Tag Setup

Analyzify continually enhances its solution, utilizing the latest technology to provide Shopify merchants with the most accurate Google Ads data structure. Trust Analyzify to keep your tracking up-to-date and precise.

Monitor Conversion Health with Confidence

Broken conversion tracking can be costly for your business. Analyzify diligently monitors your conversion tracking daily, cross-comparing Shopify orders with Google Ads conversion data for accuracy.

Enrich Google Ads Algorithms with Additional Data

Standard conversion tracking provides limited data, while Analyzify sends comprehensive order data, customer parameters, and lifetime value to Google Ads, empowering your campaigns with rich insights.

Leverage Enhanced Conversions with Analyzify's Google Ads API

Analyzify uses server-side Google Ads API to send all sales data, including customer and order details, ensuring attributed conversions and fueling your campaigns with in-depth information.

Benefit from Expert-Level Audit & Support for Google Ads Pixels

Need assistance? Analyzify offers expert-level audit, setup, and analysis for Google Ads pixels, including conversion tracking and dynamic remarketing.

Enhanced Conversion Tracking

We push all the order-level and customer-level data to Google Ads along with the conversions and events.

Dynamic Remarketing

In-depth dynamic remarketing setup with all events and precise data. A premium, fully-customizable setup.

Elevate Your Google Ads Performance!

Count more conversions with enhanced data. Expert audit & validation included.