Shopify GA4 Integration

Collect more data on your GA4 with Analyzify, and start using it easily with our Shopify-focused GA4 dashboards. Our dedicated team is here to guide you every step of the way.

Analyzify GA4 Integration

Track more events, enable additional reports, and
get expert help with Analyzify's GA4 integration

Seamless Setup

Set it up yourself in 20 minutes or
ask for a professional setup done by experts at no extra cost.

More Data Available

20+ more reports & metrics available compared to Shopify's native integration.

Complete E-commerce Funnels

Complete checkout tracking including Add Shipping Info, Add Payment Info events.

Checkout Extensibility Support

Integration using Shopify's latest technology (App Embeds, Shopify Pixels API, Checkout Extensibility).

Custom GA4 Dashboards

Tailored Shopify focused GA4 reports & dashboards for easy analysis.

Expert Support & Training

Get our expert's help for store-level problems & custom tracking needs.

20+ More E-commerce Reports & Metrics

Complete and customizable GA4 ecommerce tracking. Compared to Native Integration:

  • Additional Events: View Item List, Select Item, View Cart, Remove from Cart, Add Shipping Info.

  • Additional Parameters: Collection Name, Coupon Code, Variant ID, SKU, Customer ID & LTV, and more.

  • Custom Events (Complimentary): Newsletter, CTA & PDP Engagements, Search & Filter Engagements, and more.

Funnels – Checkout Journey Report

Analyzify tracks all your checkout steps using the Shopify checkout extensibility (also works for non-Shopify Plus clients).

This way, you can view GA4’s default checkout journey report – with accurate data for a thorough funnel analysis.

Additional Events: View Item List, Select Item, Add Shipping Info, Add Payment Info

Coupon Codes & Additional Order-Level Data

Analyzify sends all order-level data including coupon codes, shipping methods, discount amounts, user-level information and many others.

Additional Dimensions & Metrics: 

Coupon Code, Discount Amount, Payment Type, Shipping Method

Product ID & SKU
& Collection Data

Analyzify allows you to customize the Product ID format. You can send SKUs or variant IDs depending on your tracking needs.

Additional Dimensions & Metrics: 

SKU, Variant ID, Variant Name, Collection Name, Item List, Custom Product Data

GA4 Dashboard & Reports Customizations

Our goal is to make GA4 an important business asset for you. 

So, not only do you get additional reports, but you also get a customized GA4 dashboard according to your tracking needs.

This makes sure that all the critical metrics are only a couple of clicks away.

Additional Events – Micro Conversions

By default, you get various micro-conversions, from form submissions and newsletter sign-ups to user logins and wishlist additions and so on.

Moreover, you have the flexibility to set up custom events for your specific requirements such as: menu clicks, banner engagements, product page engagements and many more.

Additional Events: newsletter, form submissions, klaviyo engagements, menu clicks, banner engagements, product page engagements, and many others.

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