Exclusive Shopify data layers, pre-built & customizable GTM container including GA4, Google Ads, and 10+ more integrations.

Easily install Google Tag Manager on your store using our software. Get expert help for pixel cleanup, setup, validation, and customizations. 

Beginner-friendly solution enhanced with expert-level support. Compatible for all Shopify plans. 


End-to-end Shopify & GTM Solution

Analyzify provides you with all the assets you need, along with an
expert-level support.

Effortlessly Integrate GTM with Shopify

You can easily set up Google Tag Manager on your Shopify store with Analyzify. Our app streamlines the installation process by not only adding the GTM code to your theme, but also providing you with valuable assets such as data layers, pre-configured containers, and customization options. And, our team of experts is always available to support you every step of the way.

Customize your setup with Analyzify

Analyzify allows you to customize your Google Tag Manager setup to align with your unique business requirements. You can enable and disable the GTM integrations through our onboarding form. Additionally, all of our assets are fully encoded, so you retain complete ownership and control over customization options to fully meet your specific needs.

Use Analyzify’s pre-built Google Tag Manager container

Your GTM container will be generated by Analyzify according to your choices & input during the onboarding and setup phases. Your measurement IDs (such as GA4 ID, Google Ads conversion label) will automatically be interested in the GTM container. You will only need to import it to GTM. Our experts can do all the process for you or give you a hand when you need it.

10+ Integrations including Google Analytics 4, Google Ads and more

Analyzify offers a wide range of integrations, including Google Analytics 4, Universal Analytics, Google Ads, Bing (Microsoft) Ads, Klaviyo, Pinterest, Tiktok and many more. Whether you're looking to connect with the most popular data solutions or have a custom integration requirement, our team is here to help and make it happen.

Compatible with All Shopify Plans

No matter what Shopify plan you're on, you can take advantage of the powerful data analytics capabilities of Analyzify and our Google Tag Manager integration. Our app seamlessly tracks key e-commerce events like purchase, add-to-cart, product view, and collection view across all Shopify plans. The only limitation for non-Shopify Plus merchants is tracking checkout steps, however, we provide an option to send checkout data through Shopify Pixels to fill this gap. Enjoy comprehensive data analysis and insights for your online business with Analyzify, regardless of your Shopify plan.

Expert-level support during onboarding, setup, validation and customization

Setting up Google Tag Manager can be a complex process, but with Analyzify, you'll have the support of experts every step of the way, from onboarding to customization. We provide comprehensive support coverage, including a complimentary Done-For-You setup service, to ensure a smooth and successful integration for your Shopify store. Trust in our expertise and experience to get the most out of your data analytics efforts.

Analyzify makes data collection easier for your Shopify store. Effortlessly connect your store to GTM, GA4, Google Ads, and other providers.


Google Tag Manager

Google Analytics

Google Ads

Microsoft Bing

Facebook Pixel






Microsoft Clarity


Google BigQuery


+ Custom Integrations

  • Data layers
  • Parameters
  • Customizations

Shopify Exclusive Data Layers

Analyzify's data layers covers all e-commerce events and go beyond.
Our data layers and GTM container are compatible with Google Analytics, Ads, FB Pixel and many others.

Event name Trigger Parameter Groups
sh_info All pages Page, Customer
ee_productImpression Collection Page Product(s), Collection
ee_productClick Collection Page , Search Page Product, Collection
ee_productDetail Product Page Product
ee_addToCart Product Page, Collection Page , Landing Page* Product
ee_removeFromCart Cart Page or Cart Drawer* Product
ee_cartView Cart Page or Cart Drawer* Cart, Product(s)
ee_checkout Cart Page or Cart Drawer* Cart, Product(s)
ee_checkout_contact_information Checkout Information Page Checkout, Product(s)
ee_checkout_shipping_method Checkout Shipping Page Checkout, Product(s)
ee_checkout_payment_method Checkout Payment Method Page Checkout, Product(s)
ee_purchase Thank you Page Order, Product(s)
searchListInfo Search Page Product(s)

Analyzify’s data layer naming convention is intentionally created with unique names so that it won’t interfere with any other potential data set on your Shopify store.
We transform our data layers on GTM to be compatible with Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook, and all others. The data layers will be added to your store de-coded – and they are open to customizations.

Data Sets - Available Parameters

Analyzify makes 50+ unique parameters available and process them with the relevant events.

User (customer) parameters

Your customer’s relevant data is attached to all relevant events to be pushed to Google Analytics 4, Google Ads and all other integrations. Example values: User ID, total spent, order count, phone, address, email and more

Order-level data (enhanced with customer parameters)

Complete details of the order. Example values: Order ID, name, total value, product(s), checkout ID, shipping method, payment type and more.

Visitor & Page-level data

All attribution and navigation data including page type, page name, click IDs, UTM parameters, browser, referral and more.

Product parameters

Used in view item list, select item, view product, add-to-cart, begin checkout, purchase and many other events. Array when multiple products are available. Example values: Product ID, SKU, variant ID, price, discounted price, collection, and more.


With Analyzify, you own your tracking setup; no 3rd party scripts are involved.

The possible customizations include but not limited to:

  • Customize GTM & data layers
  • Set up custom events</li >
  • Integrate with new destinations
  • Multi-domain, multi-language support

Additionally, we offer a generous store-level support by data experts helps you achieve the best possible data analytics setup.

Effortlessly integrate Shopify & GTM, including advanced data layers.
Install Analyzify

Install Analyzify

Install Analyzify Shopify app and get an accurate
and simplified data analytics setup.

Setup & Customize

Setup & Customize

An expert-level, turnkey setup that is tailored to your store.
Done-For-You option included.



Use Analyzify to make sure your data is accurate and complete,
so you can trust your insights.