The Google Ads & Shopping AI: ST app by StoreYa, lets Shopify merchants automate their Google Ads, Google Shopping, and Facebook Ads campaigns using AI technology.

Here are some of the features:

  • syncing products and optimizing ad strategies for Google Shopping, Search, Display, and social media platforms,
  • helping with efficient targeting and budget use,
  • a unified dashboard for tracking performance metrics, including visitor numbers, revenues, and ROAS.

The app supports multi-country targeting with various currencies and also includes additional features such as real-time product syncing and AI-driven optimization.

Plans cover setup, management, AI optimization, and include the ad budget. Pricing starts at $120/month with different options.

Traffic Booster Dashboard

The app provides merchants with a dashboard where they can track their traffic and get related insights.

YouTube Shopping & Action Ads

Google Ads & Shopping AI: ST allows merchants to optimize YouTube Shopping & Action Ads.

Dynamic Retargeting

Shopify merchants can create Facebook & Instagram dynamic retargeting ads.