We simplify the process of collecting data

With Analyzify, you can connect your Shopify store with Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics 4, and many others easily.

Data Collection

Keep Up with the Tracking Updates with Analyzify’s Robust Toolset!

Stay ahead of ever-changing tracking updates using Analyzify’s comprehensive tools, including data layers, Google Tag Manager, Shopify Pixels API, Customer Events, and server-side tracking, ensuring the best possible data analytics setup for Shopify merchants.

Access Key GA4 & Google Ads Reports on Your Dashboard!

View GA4 & Google Ads data directly through Analyzify without logging into separate tools. See critical reports and KPIs on one screen, including eCommerce funnels and troubleshooting-focused Google Ads reports (e.g., worst keywords, locations, devices, etc.).

Stay Alert with Real-Time Tracking Problem Notifications!

Receive real-time status updates on your data collection (pixels) and be notified when something goes wrong or off, such as GA4 not collecting add-to-cart data, Google Ads missing conversion values or remarketing pixels lacking essential data, and abnormal data discrepancies between Shopify and other tools.

Take Full Control of Your Data with Analyzify’s Decoded Tracking Setup!

With Analyzify, you fully control your data without relying on any third-party scripts. Benefit from a tracking setup that lives on your properties and utilizes decoded data layers, allowing you to customize and own your data infrastructure.

Seamless Integrations for Shopify merchants

Unlock GA4 Complete Ecommerce Tracking, benefit from Google Ads Enhanced Conversions, and integrate effortlessly with 10+ other solutions.

Turnkey Data Analytics Setup

Confused by all the tech jargon? Let us handle everything for you.
Our complimentary setup includes audit, integration, validation,  and fixing store-level issues,
enhancing your GA4 and Ads tracking.

Facing Tracking Issues or Inconsistencies?

Experience real-time and daily troubleshooting with Analyzify. Our expert support team is here to rectify problems, offering professional audit and clean-up at no extra cost. 

Let our experts audit your store, clear redundant tags & pixels, and resolve store-level issues.

Data Troubleshooting - Analyzify

20+ More GA4 Reports & Metrics

Enhance your GA4 with Analyzify, and navigate through your data effortlessly with our Shopify-centric GA4 dashboards. Our dedicated team is always available to assist you.

  • Complete GA4 E-commerce Funnels
  • Coupon Code, Variant ID, SKU, Customer ID, and more
  • Custom Events: Newsletter, CTA & PDP Engagements, Search & Filter Engagements, and more.

Fuel Your Google Ads with Precise Data

Boost your ROI through Analyzify’s robust integration between Shopify and Google Ads, feeding all available data for optimized campaigns.

  • Enhanced Conversion Tracking: Purchase, Add to Cart, Begin Checkout
  • Dynamic Re-marketing Pixels
  • Expert-level Ads Tracking Audit & Validation

One-time Purchase Solution
with 3-months Expert Support

✓ Checkout Extensibility

Seamless integration using Online Store 2.0 App Embeds, Pixels API, or custom implementations. Compatible with all Shopify plans.

✓ Customizable setup

Customize data layers, GTM, GA4 according to your needs. Get our expert's help.

✓ Support by Experts

Done-For-You setup, audit, store-level customizations available at no extra cost

Get a complete Shopify data analytics setup

one-time purchase