April 2022 Update: We have released a new toolkit and a video tutorial for Shopify merchants to

  • Add Google Tag Manager on their store
  • Install Shopify Data layers (product + purchase)
  • Get a pre-built GTM container
  • Set up Google Analytics 4 e-commerce tracking through GTM
  • Validate the Shopify GA4 setup.
  • Learn how GTM works and how they can benefit.


Shopify GA4 Kit – Complete Tutorial on Youtube

Learn how you can implement the Shopify GA4 Kit on our in-depth, complete, step-by-step tutorial on Youtube.

Learn GA4 with Analyzify's Free Shopify GA4 Course

Google Tag Manager Course for Shopify

We have also been working on a Shopify – Google Tag Manager course, a free Youtube video series solely focused on Shopify data-Analytics. We will provide a series of tutorials for Shopify stores that want to empower their analytics setup. The curriculum:

We are pleased to present this video course at no extra cost through our Youtube channel.