Though we are already loved by 1500+ Shopify merchants, Analyzify only continues to get better. We are set to launch the latest version of our turnkey data analytics app with some new and exciting features.

A lot will change with this new update. Mainly, the accuracy and quality of your data analytics setup.

The expansion of our services will also affect the price. On 30 September, the current price will increase from 449$ to 749$. So if you are considering purchasing Analyzify, now it’s the best time to pull the trigger.

Let’s get into the changes we made:

Brand new data layer:

  • Rewritten completely with vanilla JavaScript, and now it’s faster than ever (bye-bye jQuery),
  • More accurate at Add-to-cart & Remove-from-cart tracking,
  • Has a new settings section, a new data layer event, and better multi-currency support.

Completely updated GTM container:

  • Several event additions and updates to Klaviyo, GA4, and Snapchat,
  • New integration option: Microsoft Clarity,
  • New configuration variables: easy-to-change product format ID setting for Google Ads remarketing events, Universal Analytics, and Google Analytics 4,
  • Cleaned up and organized tags, triggers, and variables.

(New Feature) Real-time data analytics troubleshooting:

  • Fully-automatic validation process for Analyzify setup, Google Analytics, Facebook, and Google Ads [BETA]

And many more.

We admit that sales & marketing campaigns are not really our thing – but we offer free upgrades & extensive support for a seamless data analytics experience.

With Analyzify, the quality of your data will skyrocket with our experts’ audit, implementation, and validation – securing a setup crafted for your needs at no extra cost and no setup fees. What you see is what you pay.

Here’s what you can expect after purchasing Analyzify:

  • You get an audit on your existing setup performed by our expert team,
  • We craft a setup tailored to your needs and execute it,
  • We double-check all crucial settings, redundant codes, and pixels on your Shopify store,
  • We run an extra validation process to check your data flow within the next week.

The whole setup process is finalized within 1-2 days!

We couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve achieved with the new version of Analyzify. Join us and 1500+ Shopify merchants before 30 September for an accurate & reliable data analytics experience.