Product Studio in Shopify

Impressive product images act as theatre spotlights that shine on your Shopify store’s main offerings, drawing your audience’s gaze.

These images take center stage, narrating the story of each product with vivid details and captivating charm.

As in any great performance, the audience – in this case, your potential customers – becomes engrossed in the visual tale being told.

However, sometimes it takes more effort & resources to create such impressive visuals than expected.

That’s where Product Studio comes into play:

Google’s new generative AI tool to help you edit & improve product images in no time.

Product Studio by Google
Product Studio (Source: Google)

Key Features of Product Studio

Securing a diverse array of high-quality images often presents a significant challenge for Shopify merchants.

It’s always about the steep expenses and extensive time required to produce lifestyle imagery that resonates with their audience.

Google’s innovative Product Studio, meticulously crafted with Google’s AI Principles at its core, starts a new era of image creation.

With Product Studio, you can:

  • Leverage the power of generative AI
  • Add custom product scenes easily
  • Remove backgrounds with a few clicks
  • Increase the resolution of images in no time

for improved product images and better product pages.

So, Google’s cutting-edge tool makes generative AI accessible to businesses of all sizes.

It helps create visuals effortlessly at no cost while also maximizing the potential of existing image assets.

How to Improve Product Images with Product Studio?

Product Studio uses generative AI to help you create free and customized product imagery from the images you already have.

This can save you the hassle and expense of hiring a photographer or renting a studio and let you focus more on growing your business.

With more images and improved content, your listings can perform better and generate a higher return on investment (ROI).

To use Product Studio, you need to have the Google & YouTube app installed in your Shopify store.

Important Reminder: Product Studio is currently only available to US merchants. However, it is expected to be accessible for general use soon. You can refer to Google’s official documentation for more information.

Generating Scenes for Images with Product Studio

Here is how you can generate scenes for your images with Product Studio:

Generating Scenes for Your Products with Product Studio
Generating Scenes for Your Products with Product Studio (source: Google)

Step 1: Navigate to your Shopify account, and then click “Apps” on the left menu.

Step 2: Choose the “Google & YouTube” app.

Step 3: Now, select Product Studio and then click “Get started”.

Step 4: Automatically, you will be directed to the scene generation tool. Here, click “Select Product” and find the product you’d like to edit.

Step 5: Type up a description to generate a scene for your product to be displayed in.

Step 6: Click “Generate scene”, and then you may use the generated image by clicking “Add to Merchant Center” or “Download”.

How to Remove Background from Images with Product Studio

Follow the instructions below to remove the background from images, using Product Studio.

Step 1: Go to the “Google & YouTube” app on the left menu.

Step 2: Find “Product Studio” and then click “Edit background”.

Step 3: Click “Select product”, and then choose the product you’d like to edit.

Step 4: Then, click “Remove background”.

Step 5: You can use the image by clicking “Add to Merchant Center” or “Download”.

Increase Image Resolutions with Product Studio

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you increase your image resolutions with Product Studio:

Step 1: Find the “Google & YouTube” app on the left menu, then click on Product Studio.

Step 2: Here, click “Get started”. Under “Product Studio”, select “Increase resolution”.

Step 3: Choose your product image by clicking “Select product”. Then click “Increase resolution”.

Step 4: See the difference with the Before/After toolbar. If you like the result, you can use the image by clicking “Add to Merchant Center” or “Download”.

Product Studio for Shopify Merchants

Google Product Studio can serve as an important tool for you as a Shopify merchant because it can help you optimize your product imagery for maximum impact with:

  • Generative AI to create realistic and attractive product scenes
  • Simple prompts & further customizations
  • Product images that are tailored to different markets and cultures
  • Visuals that are compatible and optimized for all Google platforms
  • Google’s ecosystem to reach more potential customers

It’s a fact that generative AI technology is increasingly prevalent in ecommerce, with multiple applications already offering AI-based tools for enhancing product imagery.

For instance, PhotoRoom offers Instant Backgrounds, and Meta is exploring similar tools in its AI Sandbox for advertisers.

Additionally, graphic design platforms like Canva and Adobe Express have integrated AI features for background removal and object generation.

However, Google’s Product Studio stands out by offering convenience.

Integrated into the Merchant Center, it allows you to enhance your product images seamlessly within a single platform, eliminating the need to switch between different applications.

For example, you can ask for your product image to be “surrounded by flowers, with a blue sky in the background”.

Product Studio will then create a realistic and appealing scene that matches your request. You can try different prompts to improve the outputs.

3 Reasons Why Should You Use Product Studio

If you are a Shopify merchant who wants to create stunning and unique product imagery for your store, you might want to try Google Product Studio.

Here are the 3 most important reasons why you should try Product Studio:

1. Save time and money

With Google Product Studio, you can create high-quality and realistic product images in minutes, without any technical skills or equipment.

You can also use Product Studio to edit and enhance your existing product images, without having to reshoot them.

This can help you to save time and money, and focus on other aspects of your business.

2. Boost your conversion and retention rates

Product images have a massive impact on your Shopify store’s performance, as they can influence your customers’ perception, trust, and satisfaction.

By using Google Product Studio, you can create product images that are accurate, consistent, and appealing, and that can showcase your product features and benefits.

This can help you to attract more customers, increase your sales, and reduce your return rates.

3. Expand your reach and audience

Good product images can also help you to reach more potential customers, especially on platforms like Google and YouTube, where visual content is crucial.

By using Google Product Studio, you can create product images that are compatible and optimized for these platforms, and that can help you rank higher and get more exposure.

You can also use Product Studio to create product images that are tailored to different markets, as it can generate product scenes that reflect local preferences and trends.

This can help you to appeal to a wider and more diverse audience, and grow your brand awareness and loyalty.