Google Ads Promotions on Google Search Results

Google keeps delivering new tools & features to help you stand out in search results.

A newly introduced feature promises to change the way you show your Google Merchant promotions (discounts and offers).

Promotions in Google Search Results
Promotions in Google Search Results

Here, we take a look and explain:

  • How you can use this new feature
  • Why it matters for your Shopify store
  • What actions you can take

along with many tips & tricks to improve your store’s visibility.

Let’s get started!

How to Display Google Merchant Promotions (Discounts and Offers) in Google Search Results

Before Google’s new update, the details about your promotions were only shown in Google Shopping results – with “Free Product Listings”.

Now, you can let your potential customers know more about your Google Merchant promotions through search results, too.

This feature, currently available in the US, displays details about your product & offering in search results.

It not only makes your offer more visible but also more accessible to potential customers.

To make sure your discounts and offers are displayed in Google search results, there’s one simple action you should take:

Select “Free listings” when you create your promotion on Google Merchant Center

Setting Up Promotions - Google Merchant Center
Setting Up Promotions – Google Merchant Center

Here is how it all works in detail:

Step 1: Google Merchant Center Account

Navigate to your Google Merchant Center account, where you upload and manage your product information on Google.

Step 2: Promotions

Go to “Promotions” under “Marketing”. Here, you can add details of your current discounts and offers – the discount code, duration, conditions, etc.

Step 3: Selecting ‘Free Listings’

To maximize impact, choose ‘free listings’ as the destination for your promotion. This ensures that your promotion appears in Google’s organic search results, leveraging the new discounts feature that Google is testing.

Why Should You Create Promotions in Google Merchant Center?

Ecommerce today is fiercely competitive.

Attracting more customers is a constant challenge, as it requires not only visibility but also an enticing value proposition.

Customers have a lot of options, making it difficult for any store to capture and retain their attention.

Google’s new feature within the Google Merchant Center for promotions is likely to help a lot, in that sense.

By displaying your discounts and offers directly in Google’s search results, you can improve your Shopify store’s visibility and appeal.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Increased Visibility: It helps your store and offers gain prominence in Google’s organic search results.
  • Attracting Deal-Seekers: Customers looking for good deals are more likely to click on your listings, as they are directly displayed on organic search results.
  • Ease of Use: The feature makes it simpler for customers to view and use your offerings, improving their overall shopping experience.
  • Boosting Sales: Especially during peak seasons like the holidays, this feature could increase your store’s traffic and sales.

As a Shopify merchant, adopting new and effective strategies to attract customers is crucial in your store’s success.

Google’s latest feature/update offers a great opportunity to better showcase what you exactly offer.

Remember, in the world of ecommerce, being seen is just as important as having great products in your inventory.

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Setting Up Promotions on Google Merchant Center

Once your Google Merchant Center account features an active product feed, you’re ready to start promotional campaigns for your offerings.

Google Merchant Center supports various promotional formats, including:

  1. Discounts: Offering cashback, a percentage discount, ‘buy one, get one free’ deals, or discounts on a second item when one is purchased.
  2. Shipping Offers: Providing free or reduced shipping rates.
  3. Free Gifts: Including complimentary items or gift cards of a predetermined value.

After you set everything up correctly, your potential customers can see annotations like ‘Free shipping’ or other special offers on your product listings under the Shopping tab on Google.

And now your promotion details become visible on search results after the latest update.

Follow the steps below to set up promotions for your products on Google Merchant Center:

In your Google Merchant Center account, click “Marketing” on the left and then click “Promotions”.


Click the “+” icon to create your new promotion.

Create New Promotion

Here, choose the destination of your promotion. Make sure you select “Free listings” so you can utilize the latest update to show discounts & offers in search results.

Choose Destination

Now, choose a category for your promotion and then click “Continue”. Then, add your promotion title and ID.

Choose Category

At this step, you need to determine which products are available for your promotion. Choose carefully according to your needs here. Finally, Choose a starting and ending date for your promotion, and then click “Create promotion”.

Final Configurations

If your promotion gets approved, Google’s team will check to make sure it works properly on your site and follows their rules. Once they confirm everything is okay, your promotion will go live.

Final Words: Google Merchant Promotions in Google Search Results

Thanks to Google’s latest update, showcasing your Google Merchant promotions in Google search results provides a powerful way to boost your online visibility and attract more customers.

By carefully setting up and optimizing your promotions, following Google’s guidelines, and ensuring they are appealing and relevant to your target audience, you can significantly enhance the impact of marketing efforts for your Shopify store.

It’s important to note that the key is to create promotions that not only comply with Google’s policies but also resonate with your potential customers, offering them real value and compelling reasons to click through to your site.

Also, regular monitoring and tweaking of your promotions are essential to keep them effective and aligned with your marketing goals.

Stay updated with Google’s evolving guidelines and consumer trends to keep your promotions fresh and engaging.

By doing so, you can maintain a strong presence in Google search results, driving more traffic to your site, and ultimately boosting your Shopify store’s growth and success.

Keep experimenting, learning, and optimizing, as Google Ads can be a highly rewarding part of your digital marketing strategy.