How to Create Search Ads with Google AI - Gemini-Powered Chat

Google announces that you can create Search ads with Google AI, through the Gemini-powered chat.

This is set to change the way you create your Google Ads campaigns.

As suggested by Google, you can now ‘build better Search campaigns that drive more performance with less effort’ by using their most capable AI model.

Here, you will learn about:

  • The conversational experience in Google Ads,
  • How to create a Search campaign with Google AI,
  • The advantages for marketers,

and a lot more insights into Google’s AI-powered solutions for ads.

Conversational Experience: Search Ads with Google AI

The conversational experience that comes with Gemini-powered chat in Google Ads, now available in English to advertisers in the US and UK, is nothing short of revolutionary.

Just like the Product Studio for Shopify users, it might be one of the early signs of a new era.

Gemini-Powered Chat in Search Ads
Gemini-Powered Chat in Search Ads

You simply add your website URL and let Google AI step in to help you create optimized Search campaigns by generating relevant ad content, along with creatives and keywords.

It’s like having a smart assistant by your side.

Similar to ChatGPT or Google’s Bard, it guides you through the ad creation process, answers questions, and even allows you to start over if you’re not satisfied with the initial output.

Using Gemini’s AI-driven insights, you can see your campaigns achieve higher relevance and engagement, leading to better overall performance.

You might be skeptical, with a lot of questions on your mind, at this point.

However, Google’s data is compelling – especially for small businesses:

Advertisers using the conversational experience in Google Ads are 42% more likely to achieve “Good” or “Excellent” Ad Strength.

This isn’t just a number. There’s a strong correlation between Ad Strength and conversions.

Google also states that improving Ad Strength from “Poor” to “Excellent” can lead to a 12% increase in conversions on average.

How to Create Search Ads with Google AI (Gemini)?

Let’s see how you can create a Search campaign with Google AI, using the Gemini-powered chat:


Suppose you run a Shopify store called “Ella’s Vogue” and it specializes in trendy and stylish women’s clothing.

With the arrival of spring, you’re set to launch an exclusive line of spring wear, featuring floral dresses, lightweight jackets, and chic accessories.

Your main goal is to increase online sales and attract new customers to your store.


You create a Google Search campaign using Gemini-powered chat to promote Ella’s Vogue Spring Collection to a broader online audience, focusing on fashion-forward women.

Input: You enter your Shopify store’s URL into the Gemini-powered chat interface.

Typing URL in Gemini-Powered Chat
Typing URL in Gemini-Powered Chat

The system recognizes your site and provides input about your campaign goals. You can edit that part to optimize it according to your goals. Then, you click “Help create my ad”.

Input Provided by Google AI
Input Provided by Google AI


Then you add products & services you offer and the system suggests keywords that can be used in your Search campaign. You can always change/edit the suggestions here.

Keyword Suggestions for Search Ad - Google AI
Keyword Suggestions for Search Ad – Google AI

Headlines & Descriptions:

According to the keywords and your earlier input, the system generates some headlines and descriptions that you can choose from.

You can also request additional headlines and descriptions by typing messages on the right. Then, you can just click the plus button next to the outputs to add them to the list on the left.

Generating Headlines and Descriptions - Gemini-Powered Chat
Generating Headlines and Descriptions – Gemini-Powered Chat


Once you click “Review” on Suggested Images, you will see that Google AI suggests many images that you can use based on your URL. If you wish, you can use them or add any other visuals.

Google AI Image Suggestions for Search Ads
Google AI Image Suggestions for Search Ads

Launching the Campaign:

In the end, check your budget and other campaign details. Once you are content with the customized and optimized ads, you approve the campaign for launch.

IMPORTANT: The Gemini-powered chat only works with Search campaigns.

Benefits of Creating Search Ads with Google AI for Marketers

The introduction of Gemini-powered chat into Search ads represents a significant leap forward in how advertisers can create, manage, and optimize their ad campaigns.

Let’s focus on efficiency, personalization, and performance here:

Enhanced Efficiency and Ease of Use

The primary advantage of creating Search ads with Google AI through the Gemini-powered chat is the significant boost in efficiency it provides to advertisers.

By integrating advanced AI and conversational capabilities, advertisers can streamline the ad creation process, making it more intuitive and less time-consuming.

This AI-driven approach allows for quick generation of ad content, including:

  • headlines,
  • descriptions,
  • keywords,

directly from a simple conversation or input, such as the advertiser’s website URL.

It means less manual effort in the research and development of ad content, allowing advertisers to focus on strategy and creativity.

Increased Ad Relevance and Quality

Gemini-powered chat enhances the relevance and quality of ads by utilizing Google’s deep learning algorithms to analyze the provided website content and generate ad creatives that are closely aligned with the advertiser’s products or services.

This ensures that the ads are not only relevant to the target audience but also maintain a high level of quality and engagement.

The AI-driven insights and suggestions can help advertisers improve Ad Strength, which Google has found to correlate strongly with better campaign performance and higher conversion rates.

Personalization at Scale

With Google AI in Search campaigns, advertisers can achieve a level of personalization.

By processing inputs and feedback from advertisers, the system can tailor ad campaigns to specific business needs and audience segments.

This personalization extends to keyword generation and ad variation, allowing for a more targeted approach that speaks directly to different customer personas or market segments.

Real-time Optimization and Learning

The AI behind Gemini-powered chat continuously learns from campaign performance data, user interactions, and feedback provided by advertisers.

This means that the system becomes more intelligent over time, offering increasingly optimized suggestions for keywords, ad copy, and bidding strategies.

This real-time learning and optimization capability can lead to improved campaign performance and ROI as the system adjusts to changing market dynamics and consumer behaviors.

Enhanced Creativity and Innovation

By automating the more mundane aspects of ad campaign creation, Gemini-powered chat frees up advertisers to focus on creativity and innovation.

For advertisers, this means not only saving time and resources but also achieving better campaign results through AI-driven insights and innovations.

As Google continues to advance its AI capabilities, the potential for advertisers to innovate and succeed in their digital marketing efforts looks more promising than ever.

Final Words

In summary, Gemini-powered chat for Google Search ads is not just an evolutionary step in digital advertising; it’s a transformative feature that shows Google’s ambition to make things simpler.

By using the power of AI, you can be equipped with a sophisticated yet user-friendly platform that amplifies their creative potential, enhances ad relevance, and personalizes campaigns easily.

As we move forward, the potential for Gemini-powered chat to drive innovation, efficiency, and performance in digital marketing is immense, promising a future where advertisers can focus more on strategic creativity and less on operational challenges.

With Google continuously pushing the boundaries of AI in advertising, the journey ahead for marketers is poised to be as exciting as it is rewarding.