Top footwear stores in Shopify

Shopify has become a popular platform for entrepreneurs in the Footwear category, with a significant increase in new active stores in recent years.

As also seen in Shopify 2024 statistics, the Footwear category is also a highly competitive one – with established brands and retailers vying for market share.

To succeed in this competitive landscape, entrepreneurs need to develop innovative strategies and differentiate themselves from the competition.

In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into the top 10 Shopify stores in the Footwear category, exploring their website traffic, advertising strategies, and unique features that set them apart.

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Leading Shopify Footwear Stores

Here’s a quick overview of the top footwear stores in Shopify that stand out, with their performance metrics:

Rank Store Monthly visitor View
1 Public Desire 851531
2 Vessi 401173
3 KEEN 2136133
4 Kick Game 2589169
5 Way of Wade 267906
6 Nisolo 152384
7 Allbirds 1151824
8 OOFOS 881194
9 C A R I U M A 203436
10 Steve Madden 5613332

Let’s discover the top 10 footwear stores in Shopify with their insightful information!

1. Public Desire

Public Desire homepage

Location: Manchester, UK

Public Desire, an online fashion powerhouse based out of Manchester, specializes in providing stylish, affordable footwear for women.

Founded by the Akhlaq brothers – Tayyab, Qasim, Bilal, and Ateeq – Public Desire transitioned from a simple eBay store in 2007 to a globally recognized brand in 2014.

Kylie Jenner, Hailey Baldwin, and countless other fashion influencers have been spotted wearing PD’s designs, attesting to its broad appeal.

Why Public Desire Wins?

Understanding the Market: Recognizing the desires of millennials, Public Desire offers trendy yet affordable footwear. They aren’t just selling shoes; they’re selling a lifestyle that resonates with the fashion-forward generation.

Mastery of Social Media: With a robust 1.9 million followers on Instagram, Public Desire’s soft-sell strategy focuses on inspiration rather than direct sales, creating a deeper connection with their audience.

Global Vision: Though rooted in Manchester, Public Desire’s appeal is universal. This is evident from their diverse Instagram following and sales split, with 50% coming from the UK, 25% from the US, and 25% from other parts of the world.

Awards & Recognitions: Accolades like the Drapers Footwear Pureplay Retailer of the Year award and EY’s Entrepreneur of the Year awards in 2017 underscore their industry acknowledgment.

Collaborative Growth: Partnerships with giants like ASOS and Next Online amplify their reach, while their in-house designed products ensure a unique and fresh style in their offerings.

Google Trends:

public desire google trends

Organic Traffic: 851531

Paid Traffic: 14

Organic & Paid Traffic:

12 months traffic graph for Public Desire UK

Top Organic Keywords:

Keyword Position Volume Traffic (%)
"public desire" 1 60500 23
"white heels" 1 22200 2.61
"high heels" 1 18100 2.13
"gold heels" 2 33100 2.07
"heels" 2 33100 2.07

Top Landing Pages:

  • Total Traffic: 55784
  • Number of Keywords: 4203
  • Traffic Percentage: 26.51
  • Total Traffic: 12313
  • Number of Keywords: 388
  • Traffic Percentage: 5.85
  • Total Traffic: 12029
  • Number of Keywords: 790
  • Traffic Percentage: 5.71
  • Total Traffic: 9077
  • Number of Keywords: 239
  • Traffic Percentage: 4.31
  • Total Traffic: 7850
  • Number of Keywords: 351
  • Traffic Percentage: 3.73

2. Vessi

Vessi Homepage

Location: Newark, DE, USA

Founded in the rain-drenched city of Vancouver by three visionary locals, Andy Wang, Tony Yu, and Mikaella Go, Vessi has been a game-changer in the world of footwear. At its core, Vessi stands for creating sneakers that seamlessly blend style, comfort, and innovation.

Here is the story: The trio of founders – Andy, Tony, and Mikaella – started with a simple yet relatable problem: rain-soaked socks. Their drive to find a solution led to the creation of a shoe that’s much more than just waterproof. It’s stylish, sustainable, and forward-thinking.

Why Vessi Wins?

Innovative Waterproofing: The Dyma-tex technology is at the forefront of Vessi’s success. It doesn’t merely repel water but does so while maintaining breathability. This means that water molecules from outside can’t enter the shoe, but moisture and heat from inside can easily escape, ensuring dry and comfortable feet.

Sustainability First: Vessi isn’t just about shoes; it’s about shoes that make a difference. Their commitment to sustainability is evident in every facet of their business, from using eco-friendly materials to revamping traditional shoe-making methods to minimize their carbon footprint.

A Vegan Promise: Vessi’s shoes are not only 100% vegan, but they also defy the norms by utilizing water-based adhesives and ensuring zero use of animal-based materials. This is a significant selling point in an increasingly environmentally-conscious market.

Lightweight and Durable: A shoe that weighs just 6.7 ounces and can withstand rain, snow, and mud? Vessi has achieved the perfect balance of durability and comfort, making their shoes an ideal choice for those always on the move.

Rapid Growth & Popularity: The skyrocketing sales figures tell a story of their own. In less than a year, Vessi witnessed a 900% increase in sales, translating to 50,000 pairs of shoes sold monthly. Their waterproof sneakers have garnered significant attention and have been recognized as the best in their category by several reviewers.

Customer-Centric Approach: Vessi’s guarantees, such as the “Dry Socks Guaranteed” 365 days warranty, free shipping for orders over $80, and a generous 90-day exchange policy, highlight their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Google Trends:

Vessi Google Trends

Organic Traffic: 401173

Paid Traffic: 2000

Organic & Paid Traffic:

12 months traffic graph for Vessi

Top Organic Keywords:

Keyword Position Volume Traffic (%)
"vessi shoes" 1 49500 31.74
"vessi" 1 33100 21.22
"vessi shoes review" 1 3600 2.3
"vessi waterproof shoes" 1 2900 1.85
"vessi sneakers" 1 2400 1.53

Top Landing Pages:

  • Total Traffic: 79724
  • Number of Keywords: 3003
  • Traffic Percentage: 63.91
  • Total Traffic: 5607
  • Number of Keywords: 1370
  • Traffic Percentage: 4.49
  • Total Traffic: 4693
  • Number of Keywords: 24
  • Traffic Percentage: 3.76
  • Total Traffic: 4302
  • Number of Keywords: 1356
  • Traffic Percentage: 3.44
  • Total Traffic: 3361
  • Number of Keywords: 395
  • Traffic Percentage: 2.69


Keen homepage

Location: Portland, OR, USA

Keen Footwear, founded in 2003, is an American brand renowned for its high-quality footwear and accessories, ranging from shoes, boots, sandals to socks, bags, and more. While the brand initially emerged with the Newport water sandal, sometimes referred to as “the ugliest sandal in the world“, today, Keen is recognized globally for its dedication to sustainability, durability, and comfort.

Why Keen Wins?

Innovative Footwear Designs: The WK400 shoe design was inspired by Rory Fuerst, Jr.’s personal experience of walking’s healing powers after a traumatic skiing accident. With the assistance of Ciro Fusco, a physicist and environmental scientist, the brand developed a shoe that simulates a rolling sensation while walking.

This revolutionary design is centered around the pendulum motion of legs during walking, providing enhanced stability and comfort.

Eco-conscious Manufacturing: Keen has been resolute in its approach to reduce environmental impact. The brand is a pioneer in becoming PFA-free and has been challenging other footwear brands to follow suit.

The emphasis on sustainability doesn’t end here; the brand also adopts a ‘local for local’ manufacturing concept, aiming to cut down carbon emissions by reducing transportation needs.

Challenging the Status Quo: Keen’s reaction to the inflationary environment is commendable. Unlike many other brands, Keen decided to reduce its prices by 5% across the board.

This move, fueled by the stabilization of the supply chain in the U.S., showcases Keen’s dedication to its consumers.

Diversification Strategy: Despite the global trend of manufacturing in China, Keen has strategically diversified its production, with 98% now being outside of China.

This not only helps them navigate rising costs but also resonates with their commitment to reducing carbon footprints.

Google Trends:

Keen Google Trends

Best Seller: Men’s Targhee III Waterproof

Organic Traffic: 2136133

Paid Traffic: 34

Organic & Paid Traffic:

12 months traffic graph for KEEN

Top Organic Keywords:

Keyword Position Volume Traffic (%)
"keen" 1 165000 21.43
"keen shoes" 1 74000 9.61
"keen boots" 1 27100 3.51
"keens" 1 27100 3.51
"keen sandals" 1 18100 2.35

Top Landing Pages:

  • Total Traffic: 266755
  • Number of Keywords: 30272
  • Traffic Percentage: 43.3
  • Total Traffic: 37903
  • Number of Keywords: 6080
  • Traffic Percentage: 6.15
  • Total Traffic: 36155
  • Number of Keywords: 2250
  • Traffic Percentage: 5.86
  • Total Traffic: 27346
  • Number of Keywords: 4807
  • Traffic Percentage: 4.43
  • Total Traffic: 23339
  • Number of Keywords: 3202
  • Traffic Percentage: 3.78

4. Kick Game

Kick game homepage

Location: London, UK

Kick Game, a UK-based brand founded in 2013 by London siblings David and Robert Franks, has firmly planted its roots as a dominant player in the sneaker resale space.

Beyond just sneakers, Kick Game has broadened its offering to encompass a vast range of streetwear products from iconic brands such as Nike, Adidas, and Off-White.

During the early stages of the pandemic, Kick Game secured £2.5 million in venture capital funding from VCG Partners to support its future growth.

Why Kick Game Wins?

Rare and Limited Edition Collections: Specializing in sourcing exclusive sneakers and streetwear, Kick Game boasts an inventory filled with rare finds, drawing enthusiasts and collectors alike.

A Unique Take on Marketing: Adapting to the pandemic’s challenges, Kick Game unveiled a British version of the YouTube show format, intertwining sneaker culture with entertainment and humor, thus forging deeper connections with their audience.

Lightning 50 Recognition: Kick Game was ranked as the 5th fastest-growing brand in the UK as part of the Brightpearl Lightning 50 list. This recognition highlights the company’s remarkable growth, achieving a 353% revenue increase.

Intersecting Streetwear and Entertainment: Kick Game has evolved into a cultural landmark. When in the UK, American artists, including the likes of Burna Boy and Central Cee, gravitate towards Kick Game. Their appearances on Kick Game’s social channels have further solidified the brand’s status in the entertainment realm.

Content Production: The company has excelled in content production, accumulating millions of views on YouTube and significant growth in followers on Instagram and TikTok.

Impressive Financial Growth: Kick Game’s commitment to its vision is clear, reflected in its substantial growth—achieving a turnover of £45m last year. The brand’s diversification, including the launch of its merchandise, indicates a well-rounded strategy propelling this growth.

Google Trends:

Kick Game google trends

Best Seller: Nike Air Force 1 ’07’ Triple White’

Organic Traffic: 2589169

Paid Traffic: 783

Organic & Paid Traffic:

12 months traffic graph for Kick Game

Top Organic Keywords:

Keyword Position Volume Traffic (%)
"kick game" 1 110000 20.83
"kickgame" 1 27100 5.13
"jordan 4" 3 246000 4.77
"jordan 1" 2 135000 4.21
"jordan 4s" 3 74000 1.43

Top Landing Pages:

  • Total Traffic: 125297
  • Number of Keywords: 4525
  • Traffic Percentage: 29.66
  • Total Traffic: 45566
  • Number of Keywords: 1329
  • Traffic Percentage: 10.78
  • Total Traffic: 27915
  • Number of Keywords: 1403
  • Traffic Percentage: 6.6
  • Total Traffic: 9804
  • Number of Keywords: 112
  • Traffic Percentage: 2.32
  • Total Traffic: 8323
  • Number of Keywords: 522
  • Traffic Percentage: 1.97

5. Way of Wade

way of wade homepage

Location: Portland, OR, USA

Way of Wade (WoW) is a high-performance athletic footwear brand inspired by the unique style and ethos of NBA legend Dwyane Wade. Founded in collaboration with Chinese sportswear giant Li-Ning, WoW offers a diverse range of shoes that cater to the needs of athletes and fashionistas alike.

Why Way of Wade Wins?

Authentic Collaboration: WoW is no ordinary celebrity endorsement. Wade is deeply involved in the design and development of each shoe, ensuring that every release embodies his personal style and performance standards.

Diverse Offerings: WoW doesn’t stick to one formula. From sleek and minimalist to bold and eye-catching, WoW shoes are available in a variety of designs to suit every taste.

Global Reach: While rooted in China, WoW has a global following thanks to Wade’s international fame and the universal appeal of basketball.

Uncompromising Performance: WoW shoes are built to perform at the highest level, featuring cutting-edge technologies and materials to deliver superior traction, support, and cushioning.

Limited Editions: WoW regularly releases limited-edition colors and designs, creating a sense of exclusivity and excitement for collectors and sneakerheads alike.

Google Trends:

way of fade google trends

Best Seller: Wade Son of Flash “White Hot”

Organic Traffic: 267906

Paid Traffic: 750

Organic & Paid Traffic:

12 months traffic graph for Way of Wade

Top Organic Keywords:

Keyword Position Volume Traffic (%)
"way of wade" 1 49500 28.25
"way of wade 10" 1 27100 15.46
"wayofwade" 1 4400 2.51
"wade shoes" 1 4400 2.51
"dwyane wade shoes" 1 4400 2.51

Top Landing Pages:

  • Total Traffic: 75397
  • Number of Keywords: 3292
  • Traffic Percentage: 53.79
  • Total Traffic: 27657
  • Number of Keywords: 94
  • Traffic Percentage: 19.73
  • Total Traffic: 5358
  • Number of Keywords: 2246
  • Traffic Percentage: 3.82
  • Total Traffic: 4636
  • Number of Keywords: 46
  • Traffic Percentage: 3.3
  • Total Traffic: 4171
  • Number of Keywords: 43
  • Traffic Percentage: 2.97

6. Nisolo

Nisolo homepage

Location: Nashville, TN, USA

Emerging from Nashville, Nisolo began its journey in 2011 when development economist Patrick Woodyard took an initiative after observing the unmatched skills of artisans in Trujillo, Peru.

Today, Nisolo, meaning “not alone” in Spanish, stands as a testament to collaborative fashion, bringing together the expertise of local craftsmen with the global market, all while emphasizing ethical production and high-quality standards.

Why Nisolo Wins?
Grassroots Origin: Nisolo’s grassroots origin story sets it apart from other fashion brands. Founded by someone who witnessed firsthand the talent and potential of local artisans, Nisolo is committed to empowering these craftsmen and helping them succeed in the globalized world.

Fair Trade Commitment: Nisolo is more than just a business; it’s a movement for fair trade fashion. The brand pays producers a fair wage, ensuring that they earn a living that allows them to thrive. Nisolo also emphasizes safe working conditions and provides training in financial management and business development.

Fashion Meets Quality: Nisolo’s shoes and accessories are not only ethically produced, but also stylish and high-quality. Helmed by fashion industry expert Zoe Cleary, Nisolo ensures that its products meet top industry standards, while still remaining affordable.

Sustainability Framework: Nisolo is committed to sustainability. It traces the origins of its leather back to the farm, and aims to achieve 100% traceability. The brand also avoids the use of exotic skins and fur due to ethical concerns.

Transparent Fashion: Nisolo’s Sustainability Facts Label provides comprehensive information about the sustainability of its products, empowering consumers to make informed decisions and challenging other brands to do the same.

B Corp Excellence: Nisolo’s B Corp Certification score of 115.4 is higher than 93% of fashion brands, solidifying its commitment to ethical, social, and environmental standards.

Google Trends:

Nisolo google trends

Best Seller: Dari Commuter Boot

Organic Traffic: 152384

Paid Traffic: 192

Organic & Paid Traffic:

12 months traffic graph for Nisolo

Top Organic Keywords:

Keyword Position Volume Traffic (%)
"nisolo" 1 27100 44.32
"nisolo shoes" 1 8100 13.24
"nisolo boots" 1 2400 3.92
"nisolo sandals" 1 1600 2.61
"nisolo huarache" 1 1000 1.63

Top Landing Pages:

  • Total Traffic: 29753
  • Number of Keywords: 2500
  • Traffic Percentage: 60.83
  • Total Traffic: 2148
  • Number of Keywords: 3974
  • Traffic Percentage: 4.39
  • Total Traffic: 1981
  • Number of Keywords: 764
  • Traffic Percentage: 4.05
  • Total Traffic: 1559
  • Number of Keywords: 1471
  • Traffic Percentage: 3.18
  • Total Traffic: 1311
  • Number of Keywords: 251
  • Traffic Percentage: 2.68

7. Allbirds

allbirds homepage

Location: San Francisco, CA, USA

Born from the innovative minds of Tim Brown and Joey Zwillinger in 2014, Allbirds has redefined the footwear and apparel industry with its emphasis on environmental consciousness and sustainable production. Hailing from New Zealand, Tim’s fascination with merino wool paved the way for Allbirds’ rise as a leader in eco-friendly products.

Why Allbirds Wins?

Merino Excellence: The brand’s superfine merino wool, 20% finer than human hair, is sourced while ensuring high farming standards, land management, and animal welfare, primarily through collaborations with ZQ Merino.

From Forests to Footwear: Their FSC® Certification underlines their commitment to sourcing materials that protect forests, ensuring that their use of eucalyptus tree fiber remains sustainable and ethical.

SweetFoam® Innovation: Derived from sugarcane, Allbirds’ SweetFoam® sole offers unparalleled comfort. Their sourcing process is exhaustive, prioritizing both human and environmental welfare.

Yarn Revolution – Trino® and TrinoXO™: When the market didn’t offer yarns that met their stringent standards, Allbirds responded by creating their proprietary blends, ensuring both comfort and sustainability.

B Corp and Beyond: Allbirds’ commitment to doing business differently shines through its B Corp certification. The brand integrates environmental concerns at every decision-making stage, proving that profitability and sustainability can go hand-in-hand.

Revolutionary Packaging: Allbirds has rethought shoe packaging. By using 90% post-consumer recycled cardboard, their packaging functions as a shoebox, shopping bag, and mailer, reflecting their sustainable ethos.

Google Trends:

Allbirds google trends

Best Seller: Men’s Tree Runners

Organic Traffic: 1151824

Paid Traffic: 2222

Organic & Paid Traffic:

12 months traffic graph for Allbirds

Top Organic Keywords:

Keyword Position Volume Traffic (%)
"allbirds" 1 165000 33.66
"allbirds shoes" 1 60500 12.34
"all birds" 1 27100 5.52
"allbirds sneakers" 1 6600 1.34
"all bird shoes" 1 5400 1.1

Top Landing Pages:

  • Total Traffic: 243594
  • Number of Keywords: 27170
  • Traffic Percentage: 62.11
  • Total Traffic: 10661
  • Number of Keywords: 261
  • Traffic Percentage: 2.71
  • Total Traffic: 10497
  • Number of Keywords: 2196
  • Traffic Percentage: 2.67
  • Total Traffic: 9446
  • Number of Keywords: 2294
  • Traffic Percentage: 2.4
  • Total Traffic: 7378
  • Number of Keywords: 1586
  • Traffic Percentage: 1.88


OOFOS homepage

Location: Memphis, TN, USA

OOFOS, founded by a group of industry experts, stands tall with its commitment to combining comfort, style, and technology. By continuously redefining recovery footwear, OOFOS promises not just to cushion the feet but to rejuvenate the entire body, ensuring every step is a step towards recovery.

Using their groundbreaking OOfoam™ technology, the brand has been at the forefront of designing shoes that absorb 37% more impact than traditional footwear.

OOFOS experienced an impressive 82% growth in the year ending January 2023, a testament to its rising popularity and effective strategies.

Why OOFOS Wins?

Diverse Demographics: While young runners are a significant part of OOFOS’ customer base, the brand’s appeal transcends age groups. With its unparalleled comfort, even non-athletes and baby boomers have become fans.

Elevated Recovery for Athletes: OOFOS footwear, featuring its patented arch support and OOfoam™ tech, serves as a vital recovery tool for athletes, helping them recuperate from intense physical activities and prepare for subsequent challenges.

Partnerships & Sponsorships: The brand has forged significant alliances to bolster its growth. Collaborations include fitness company Exos, DUPR (Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating), the Las Vegas Raiders, USA Gymnastics, and the US Ski & Snowboard team.

Endorsements by Sports Icons: Notable sports personalities like Derek Carr, retired NFL player Alex Smith, and WNBA legend Dawn Staley have not only endorsed but also invested in OOFOS, signaling their belief in the brand’s vision and products.

Educational Blog: OOFOS has very detailed blog posts about the advantages of its active recovery footwear for both athletes and the general populace.

Google Trends:

OOFOS google trends


Organic Traffic: 881194

Paid Traffic: 6645

Organic & Paid Traffic:

12 months traffic graph for OOFOS

Top Organic Keywords:

Keyword Position Volume Traffic (%)
"oofos" 1 246000 31.3
"oofos shoes" 1 110000 13.99
"oofos sandals" 1 49500 6.29
"oofos slides" 1 49500 6.29
"oofos flip flops" 1 12100 1.53

Top Landing Pages:

  • Total Traffic: 345060
  • Number of Keywords: 13768
  • Traffic Percentage: 54.88
  • Total Traffic: 67500
  • Number of Keywords: 1814
  • Traffic Percentage: 10.73
  • Total Traffic: 43928
  • Number of Keywords: 105
  • Traffic Percentage: 6.98
  • Total Traffic: 30596
  • Number of Keywords: 199
  • Traffic Percentage: 4.86
  • Total Traffic: 23036
  • Number of Keywords: 525
  • Traffic Percentage: 3.66

9. C A R I U M A

cariuma homepage

Location: Singapore

Co-founded by David Python and Fernando Porto, Cariuma was born from a shared love for boardsports, Brazil, and a desire to make a real impact in the sneaker industry.

Disillusioned with the fast-fashion mindset and driven by their commitment to sustainability and comfort, they embarked on a journey to craft timeless sneakers that stand as beacons of ethical production and ecological responsibility.

Why Cariuma Wins?

Roots in Passion: Bonded over skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding, David and Fernando’s mutual respect for their craft and Brazil is palpable in every pair of Cariuma shoes.

B Corp Excellence: As the first skateboarding shoe brand to achieve Best for the World™ B-Corp Certification, Cariuma’s dedication to environmental and ethical standards shines. Excelling in categories like Environment, Workers, and Governance, the brand has firmly etched its mark in sustainable business practices.

Materials Matter: With an emphasis on eco-friendly sourcing, Cariuma utilizes:

Organic Cotton: Grown using regenerative methods without harmful chemicals.
Natural Rubber: Ethically tapped from the hevea brasiliensis tree.
Sustainable Bamboo: A rapidly regenerating plant known for its CO2 absorption.
Sugarcane: A renewable, rainwater-reliant resource that naturally removes atmospheric carbon.
Cork & Mamona Oil: Natural elements ensuring comfort and eco-conscious production.
Recycled Materials: Including nylon, PET, and recyclable paper, pushing forward the eco-friendly agenda.
Ethical Leather Production: Sourcing from Leather Working Group Gold-Rated suppliers ensures that no deforestation for cattle farming is supported and water recycling in the tanning process is maintained.

Technical Excellence: Merging style with comfort, Cariuma’s sneakers are a testament to their commitment to quality and innovation, with focus on weight, flexibility, impact absorption, and durability.

Google Trends:

cariuma google trends

Best Seller: Off-White Canvas

Organic Traffic: 203436

Paid Traffic: 1073

Organic & Paid Traffic:

12 months traffic graph for C A R I U M A

Top Organic Keywords:

Keyword Position Volume Traffic (%)
"cariuma" 1 22200 25.97
"cariuma shoes" 1 18100 21.17
"cariuma sneakers" 1 12100 14.15
"shop white sneakers" 26 550000 1.2
"cariuma sneaker" 1 1000 1.16

Top Landing Pages:

  • Total Traffic: 26522
  • Number of Keywords: 3385
  • Traffic Percentage: 38.78
  • Total Traffic: 23402
  • Number of Keywords: 4056
  • Traffic Percentage: 34.22
  • Total Traffic: 1470
  • Number of Keywords: 749
  • Traffic Percentage: 2.14
  • Total Traffic: 1026
  • Number of Keywords: 43
  • Traffic Percentage: 1.5
  • Total Traffic: 1008
  • Number of Keywords: 345
  • Traffic Percentage: 1.47

10. Steve Madden

Steve Madden - Homepage
Steve Madden - Homepage

Location: Long Island City, Queens, NY, USA

Steve Madden is a global footwear and accessories brand that is inspired by rock and roll and New York City.

Steve Madden’s shoes are often seen on celebrities and fashion icons, and they have become a staple in the wardrobes of many people around the world.

They are committed to providing consumers with stylish and affordable footwear and accessories, offering a wide range of products, including shoes, boots, handbags, jewelry, and sunglasses. Also, the company provides free shipping on orders over $50, free returns within 30 days, a rewards program that gives customers 20% off their first order and exclusive perks.

In addition, the company also supports various causes related to health, education, empowerment, and sustainability through its corporate social responsibility programs.

Why Steve Madden Wins?

Celebrity Appeal: Steve Madden’s creations are a favorite among celebrities and fashion influencers, cementing the brand’s status in the world of high-fashion footwear.

Diverse Product Range: Steve Madden caters to a broad spectrum of tastes, offering shoes, boots, and various accessories, ensuring a one-stop solution for fashion enthusiasts.

Corporate Responsibility: Beyond fashion, the brand shows a deep commitment to societal well-being. Through its corporate social responsibility initiatives, Steve Madden supports a plethora of causes, including health, education, empowerment, and sustainability.

Google Trends:

Steve Madden - Google Trends
Steve Madden - Google Trends


Organic Traffic: 5613332

Paid Traffic: 5135

Organic & Paid Traffic:

Steve Madden - Organic & Paid Traffic
Steve Madden – Organic & Paid Traffic

Top Organic Keywords:

Keyword Position Volume Traffic (%)
"steve madden boots" 1 60500 4.67
"steve madden sandals" 1 49500 3.82
"steve madden purses" 1 27100 2.09
"steve madden sneakers" 1 22200 1.71
"steve madden bags" 1 14800 1.14

Top Landing Pages:

  • Total Traffic: 90420
  • Number of Keywords: 4490
  • Traffic Percentage: 8.74
  • Total Traffic: 72673
  • Number of Keywords: 5246
  • Traffic Percentage: 7.02
  • Total Traffic: 67830
  • Number of Keywords: 12434
  • Traffic Percentage: 6.55
  • Total Traffic: 51671
  • Number of Keywords: 18273
  • Traffic Percentage: 4.99
  • Total Traffic: 51366
  • Number of Keywords: 13110
  • Traffic Percentage: 4.96

Footwear Category Shopify Scene

Growth of Footwear Stores On Shopify

 1)    Quarter-over-Quarter Growth (QoQ) in 2023

  • In 2023, the number of Shopify stores in the Footwear category increased significantly by 21.7% from one quarter to another.

 2) Year-over-Year Growth (YoY) in 2023

  • In 2023, compared to the same quarter in the previous year, the number of Shopify stores in the Footwear category showed an impressive 53% increase.

Historical Growth

  • The historical data reveals the number of new active stores in the Footwear category on Shopify starting from 2017 Q1.
  • There have been fluctuations, but the trend has generally been upward, indicating steady growth in the number of stores.
  • The most remarkable growth occurred in Q3 2023, with a staggering 4,595 new stores, marking a substantial surge.
  • Data for the current quarter (Q4 2023) shows 755 new stores so far.

In summary, the Footwear category on Shopify has experienced remarkable growth in 2023, with a significant increase in both quarter-over-quarter and year-over-year numbers. The data suggests a thriving market for footwear stores on the Shopify platform, with Q3 2023 being particularly noteworthy in terms of growth. Businesses in this category should consider this platform for their online presence.

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