The cosmetics industry plays an integral role in people’s daily routines, regardless of their gender or age. As global consumers prioritize self-care and wellness, the cosmetics industry’s value continues to soar.

Here we have listed top 10 Shopify skincare brands and how they lead the way!

  • You will also find the numbers of organic traffic and landing page performance.

Leading Shopify Stores in the Skincare Industry

Rank Store Monthly visitor View
1 Black Wolf 288247
2 Kopari 57775
3 True Botanicals 152733
4 Sol de Janeiro 966796
5 Blume 72443
6 Tula 248616
7 Supergoop! 460396
8 Every Man Jack 160383
9 Hawthorne 96169
10 Glossier 1457511

1. Black Wolf

black wolf homepage

Location: West Palm Beach, Florida, United States

Black Wolf is a men’s grooming brand that sells a variety of products, including face wash, body wash, deodorant, and shaving cream. The company was founded in 2020 by the Lewkowict brothers, and it is headquartered in Los Angeles, California.

Earwax Solution: Sam Lewkowict, co-founder of Black Wolf Nation, noticed a gap in the market for earwax removal devices. They introduced Wush, a $69 ear cleaner, which quickly gained popularity in major retailers. As a result, Black Wolf’s sales surged by 300% last year and are forecasted to do the same this year.

Why Black Wolf Wins?

  • Focused on Men: Black Wolf exclusively caters to men’s grooming needs, ensuring that its products are designed to address their distinct concerns.
  • Clean and Efficient: The brand is dedicated to using clean ingredients, delivering top-notch formulations that are both safe and effective.
  • Ease and Convenience: Black Wolf’s products seamlessly fit into everyday routines, simplifying self-care with minimal effort.
  • Contemporary Design: The brand’s stylish and modern packaging appeals to contemporary tastes, showcasing a commitment to both aesthetics and functionality.
  • Boosting Self-Esteem: By tackling common grooming issues, Black Wolf empowers men to enhance their appearance and feel more confident in themselves.
  • Transparency: Black Wolf maintains transparency regarding its ingredients, processes, and principles, establishing trust between the brand and its customers.

Google Trends:

black wolf google trends

Best Seller: WUSH™ PRO  

Organic Traffic: 288247

Paid Traffic: 1718

Organic & Paid Traffic:

Black Wolf - Organic & Paid Traffic
Black Wolf – Organic & Paid Traffic

Top Organic Keywords:

Keyword Position Volume Traffic (%)
"black wolf" 1 27100 31.04
"wush ear cleaner" 1 40500 14.38
"blackwolf" 1 8100 9.27
"wush ear cleaner" 2 40500 7.65
"wush" 2 14800 2.79

Top Landing Pages:

  • Total Traffic: 30675
  • Number of Keywords: 447
  • Traffic Percentage: 43.91
  • Total Traffic: 19099
  • Number of Keywords: 2541
  • Traffic Percentage: 27.34
  • Total Traffic: 10427
  • Number of Keywords: 132
  • Traffic Percentage: 14.92
  • Total Traffic: 6370
  • Number of Keywords: 2513
  • Traffic Percentage: 9.12
  • Total Traffic: 673
  • Number of Keywords: 82
  • Traffic Percentage: 0.96

2. Kopari

Kopari homepage

Location: San Diego, United States

Kopari is a skincare brand that uses coconut oil as its main ingredient. The company was founded in 2015. Kopari products are available online and at select retailers.
Beyond aesthetics, Kopari’s new packaging prioritizes sustainability. They’ve made all their new containers recyclable and launched a refillable program in 2022. They are determined to offer consumers eco-friendly options, recognizing that recyclability is now a basic requirement in the industry.

According to WWD Kopari also stands out for its commitment to sustainability. The company sources its coconut oil from farms that are committed to sustainable practices.

Why Kopari Wins?

  • Coconut oil: Kopari products are made with sustainably sourced coconut oil, which is a natural moisturizer and cleanser. Coconut oil is also known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.
  • Free of harsh chemicals: Kopari products are free of harsh chemicals, such as sulfates, parabens, and phthalates. These chemicals can be irritating to the skin and can disrupt the body’s natural balance.
  • Artificial fragrances: Kopari products are also free of artificial fragrances, which can be allergens for some people.
  • Cruelty-free and vegan: Kopari products are cruelty-free and vegan, which means they are not tested on animals and do not contain animal products.

Google Trends:

Kopari google trends

Best Seller: Sun Shield Body Glow SPF 50  

Organic Traffic: 57775

Paid Traffic: 367

Organic & Paid Traffic:

Kopari - Organic & Paid Traffic
Kopari – Organic & Paid Traffic

Top Organic Keywords:

Keyword Position Volume Traffic (%)
"kopari" 1 14800 28.94
"kopari sunscreen" 1 4400 8.6
"kopari deodorant" 1 4400 8.6
"kopari body butter" 1 1900 3.71
"kopari beauty" 1 1900 3.71

Top Landing Pages:

  • Total Traffic: 14146
  • Number of Keywords: 527
  • Traffic Percentage: 34.58
  • Total Traffic: 6585
  • Number of Keywords: 369
  • Traffic Percentage: 16.09
  • Total Traffic: 4450
  • Number of Keywords: 419
  • Traffic Percentage: 10.87
  • Total Traffic: 1891
  • Number of Keywords: 56
  • Traffic Percentage: 4.62
  • Total Traffic: 1778
  • Number of Keywords: 153
  • Traffic Percentage: 4.34

3. True Botanicals

true botanicals homepage

Location: Mill Valley, California, United States

True Botanicals stands as a skincare brand renowned for its pure, eco-friendly offerings. Established in 2014 by a survivor of thyroid cancer,True Botanicals’ skincare line is available both online and at select retail outlets.

True Botanicals, has secured Series B investment from NextWorld Evergreen, a San Francisco-based equity firm specializing in conscious consumer brands. This partnership is set to boost True Botanicals’ retail presence and further their mission of social and environmental impact. True Botanicals is known for its commitment to sustainable beauty, offering MADE SAFE certified products with clinically proven skin-transforming formulas.

Why True Botanicals Wins?

  • Pure ingredients: True Botanicals’ products are crafted using organic and natural components that are gentle on the skin and the environment.
  • Supported by clinical evidence: True Botanicals’ products are grounded in clinical research, affirming their efficacy.
  • Product diversity: Besides skincare items, True Botanicals also provides an assortment of other products, encompassing body care, hair care, and supplements. All of the company’s offerings align with their commitment to clean beauty and holistic well-being.
  • Budget-friendly: True Botanicals’ products are reasonably priced, ensuring they are accessible to a broader consumer base.

Google Trends:

true botanicals google trends

Best Seller: Niacinamide + Biotin Booster  

Organic Traffic: 152733

Paid Traffic: 552

Organic & Paid Traffic:

True Botanicals - Organic & Paid Traffic
True Botanicals – Organic & Paid Traffic

Top Organic Keywords:

Keyword Position Volume Traffic (%)
"true botanicals" 1 27100 42.67
"truebotanicals" 1 4400 6.92
"true botanicals chebula" 1 2900 4.56
"true botanicals chebula serum" 1 1000 1.57
"true botanicals pure radiance oil" 1 1000 1.57

Top Landing Pages:

  • Total Traffic: 32033
  • Number of Keywords: 3343
  • Traffic Percentage: 63.05
  • Total Traffic: 5664
  • Number of Keywords: 292
  • Traffic Percentage: 11.14
  • Total Traffic: 2003
  • Number of Keywords: 442
  • Traffic Percentage: 3.94
  • Total Traffic: 974
  • Number of Keywords: 99
  • Traffic Percentage: 1.91
  • Total Traffic: 746
  • Number of Keywords: 103
  • Traffic Percentage: 1.46

4. Sol de Janeiro

sol de janeiro homepage

Location: New York, New York, United States

Sol de Janeiro is a Brazilian body care brand that is known for its indulgent and tropical-inspired products. The founders of Sol de Janeiro are Camila Pierotti and Marc Capra. Heela Yang is the CEO of the company.
Sol de Janeiro is elevating their beauty celebration with the launch of the “Where Will They Take You” campaign, and they are thrilled to have Barbie Ferreira as their enthusiastic partner.

In this campaign, Barbie radiates a captivating presence as she dances through the lively streets of Rio de Janeiro and the bustling city of New York, all while indulging in the delightful scents of Sol de Janeiro’s iconic perfume mists.
Why Sol de Janeiro Wins?

  • Inspired by Brazilian Beauty: Sol de Janeiro draws its inspiration from the rich beauty traditions of Brazil, infusing its products with the vivacious spirit and sensuality of the country.
  • Opulent Formulations: The brand is renowned for its luxurious, immersive formulations, creating a spa-like sensation within the comforts of one’s home.
  • Diversity Embraced: Sol de Janeiro celebrates diverse body shapes, skin tones, and genders, promoting self-love and self-expression.
  • Commitment to Sustainability: The brand remains committed to sustainability, employing eco-friendly packaging and supporting ethically-sourced ingredients.
  • Boosting Confidence and Empowerment: Sol de Janeiro’s products are engineered to foster feelings of confidence, sensuality, and self-assuredness within individuals.
  • Cult Favorites: The brand’s signature scents, including the iconic “Brazilian Bum Bum Cream,” have garnered a devoted following due to their distinct and captivating fragrances.

Google Trends:

sol de janerio google trends

Best Seller: Brazilian bom bom cream  

Organic Traffic: 966796

Paid Traffic: 3130

Organic & Paid Traffic:

Sol de Janeiro - Organic & Paid Traffic
Sol de Janeiro – Organic & Paid Traffic

Top Organic Keywords:

Keyword Position Volume Traffic (%)
"sol de janeiro" 1 246000 37.58
"sol de janeiro perfume" 1 60500 9.24
"sol de jinero" 1 22200 3.39
"bum bum cream" 1 60500 2.86
"sol de janiero" 1 14800 2.26

Top Landing Pages:

  • Total Traffic: 278295
  • Number of Keywords: 3731
  • Traffic Percentage: 53.15
  • Total Traffic: 77073
  • Number of Keywords: 1744
  • Traffic Percentage: 14.72
  • Total Traffic: 43632
  • Number of Keywords: 3682
  • Traffic Percentage: 8.33
  • Total Traffic: 32429
  • Number of Keywords: 1661
  • Traffic Percentage: 6.19
  • Total Traffic: 13979
  • Number of Keywords: 853
  • Traffic Percentage: 2.67

5. Blume

Blume homepage

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Blume stands out as a feminine care brand celebrated for its clean and non-toxic merchandise. Founded in 2018 by siblings Taran and Bunny Ghatrora, Blume’s feminine care products can be found through online platforms and select retail outlets.
Blume,has recently revealed that it secured $3.3 million in series seed funding.

Why Blume Wins?

  • Transparent ingredient lists: Blume presents ingredient lists that are transparent, concise, and easily comprehensible for customers.
  • Dedication to education: Blume provides a range of educational resources on its website, empowering customers with knowledge about feminine care.
  • Destigmatizing conversations: Blume actively dismantles the stigmas surrounding feminine care, fostering open discussions and enabling women to converse about their bodies and requirements.
  • Sustainability initiatives: Blume prioritizes sustainability by incorporating recycled packaging and sustainable materials whenever feasible.

Google Trends:

blume google trends

Best Seller: Acne Treat & Fade Bundle  

Organic Traffic: 72443

Organic & Paid Traffic:

Blume - Organic & Paid Traffic
Blume – Organic & Paid Traffic

Top Organic Keywords:

Keyword Position Volume Traffic (%)
"blume" 1 18100 40.54
"blume skin care" 1 320 2.31
"can tampons cause uti" 1 880 1.96
"cumin on face" 8 14800 1.73
"blume gel cream" 1 720 1.6

Top Landing Pages:

  • Total Traffic: 5032
  • Number of Keywords: 103
  • Traffic Percentage: 45.45
  • Total Traffic: 1419
  • Number of Keywords: 162
  • Traffic Percentage: 12.81
  • Total Traffic: 951
  • Number of Keywords: 323
  • Traffic Percentage: 8.59
  • Total Traffic: 674
  • Number of Keywords: 131
  • Traffic Percentage: 6.08
  • Total Traffic: 503
  • Number of Keywords: 298
  • Traffic Percentage: 4.54

6. Tula

Location: New York, New York, United States

Tula is a clean skincare brand that is known for its effective and affordable products.Tula was founded by Dr. Roshini Raj, a practicing gastroenterologist, in 2013. Dr. Raj was inspired to create Tula after seeing the life-changing impact probiotics had on her patients’ internal health.

Procter & Gamble, a major U.S. consumer goods company, revealed in June 2023 that it has successfully acquired Tula. This acquisition is part of the company’s strategy to strengthen its collection of high-end brands.

Why TULA Wins?

Probiotic Expertise: TULA’s pioneering use of probiotics in skincare sets them apart. These beneficial microorganisms support the skin’s natural barrier, promoting resilience and radiance.
Superfood-Infused Formulas: TULA harnesses the power of superfoods like blueberries, turmeric, and kefir for their rich nutrient profiles that nourish and enhance the skin’s vitality.
Inclusive Range: TULA’s comprehensive range of products caters to various skin types and concerns, making effective skincare accessible to a wider audience.
Science Meets Nature: TULA bridges the gap between scientific advancements and natural remedies, offering products that are both clinically effective and mindful of nature.

Google Trends:

Tula Google Trends

Best Seller: Purifying Face Cleanser  

Organic Traffic: 248616

Paid Traffic: 8885

Organic & Paid Traffic:

Tula - Organic & Paid Traffic
Tula – Organic & Paid Traffic

Top Organic Keywords:

Keyword Position Volume Traffic (%)
"tula" 1 60500 32.56
"tula skincare" 1 33100 17.81
"tula eye balm" 1 4400 2.36
"tula sunscreen" 1 3600 1.93
"tula skin care" 1 3600 1.93

Top Landing Pages:

  • Total Traffic: 83805
  • Number of Keywords: 2992
  • Traffic Percentage: 56.38
  • Total Traffic: 7887
  • Number of Keywords: 367
  • Traffic Percentage: 5.3
  • Total Traffic: 5867
  • Number of Keywords: 1306
  • Traffic Percentage: 3.94
  • Total Traffic: 4794
  • Number of Keywords: 580
  • Traffic Percentage: 3.22
  • Total Traffic: 3747
  • Number of Keywords: 204
  • Traffic Percentage: 2.52

7. Supergoop!

Supergroop homepage

Location: San Antonio, Texas, United States

Supergoop! is a sunscreen brand renowned for its inventive creations and its commitment to preserving the environment. Holly Thaggard founded the company in 2007, and Supergoop! sunscreen products are accessible online and through select retail outlets.

In 2022, the brand achieved a remarkable milestone, surpassing $250 million in sales. Currently, the brand is gearing up for expansion into the UK, Europe, and the Middle East through partnerships with Space NK and Sephora.

Why Supergoop! Wins?

  • Sun Protection Trailblazers: Supergoop! has been a pivotal force in elevating awareness regarding the significance of sun safeguarding and consistently pushing the boundaries of what effective sun care can accomplish.
  • Innovative Compositions: Supergoop!’s dedication to research and development shines through in their advanced formulas, which merge modern technology with skin-friendly components.
  • Diverse Solutions: The brand provides a wide range of products suitable for various preferences and skin types, ensuring that everyone can discover a sunscreen or sun care product that suits their specific needs.
  • Seamless Incorporation: Supergoop! places a strong emphasis on feather-light textures and user-friendly application, making it easy for individuals to seamlessly include sun protection in their everyday routines.
  • Openness and Knowledge: Beyond their products, Supergoop! is committed to enlightening consumers about sun protection, empowering them to make informed choices for their skin’s health.

Google Trends:

supergroop google trends

Best Seller: Superscreen Daily Moisturizer SPF 40    

Organic Traffic: 460396

Paid Traffic: 1436

Organic & Paid Traffic:

Supergoop! - Organic & Paid Traffic
Supergoop! – Organic & Paid Traffic

Top Organic Keywords:

Keyword Position Volume Traffic (%)
"supergoop" 1 74000 24.94
"supergoop sunscreen" 1 49500 16.68
"supergoop glow screen" 1 22200 7.48
"super goop" 1 14800 4.98
"supergoop unseen sunscreen" 1 12100 4.07

Top Landing Pages:

  • Total Traffic: 124541
  • Number of Keywords: 1886
  • Traffic Percentage: 52.48
  • Total Traffic: 30323
  • Number of Keywords: 1405
  • Traffic Percentage: 12.77
  • Total Traffic: 19236
  • Number of Keywords: 1344
  • Traffic Percentage: 8.1
  • Total Traffic: 7597
  • Number of Keywords: 713
  • Traffic Percentage: 3.2
  • Total Traffic: 4545
  • Number of Keywords: 223
  • Traffic Percentage: 1.91

8. Every Man Jack

every man jack homepage

Location: Corte Madera, California, United States

Every Man Jack is a distinguished brand that comprehends the unique grooming requirements of contemporary men. Committed to delivering grooming essentials that are high in quality, affordable, and derived from natural sources, Every Man Jack empowers men to confidently take charge of their personal care routines.

Every Man Jack initiated its journey in the Spring of 2021 with a commitment to align with the rigorous social and environmental impact standards integral to B Corporation certification.
The company submitted its application for B Corporation certification in mid-December 2022 and, as of April 25, 2023, it proudly achieved official certification with an impressive score of 81.2.

Why Every Man Jack Wins?

  • Tailored to Men: Every Man Jack exclusively caters to the grooming needs of men, ensuring their products address the relevant concerns of modern masculinity.
  • Pure and Natural: The brand’s focus on ingredients from natural sources underscores its commitment to delivering effective products without compromising on quality or safety.
  • Simplicity and Adaptability: Every Man Jack provides straightforward and adaptable solutions, simplifying the maintenance of grooming routines for men with busy schedules.
  • Contemporary Design: The brand’s sleek and modern packaging mirrors its emphasis on contemporary aesthetics, resonating with the style preferences of today’s men.
  • Affordability with No Compromises: Every Man Jack’s dedication to offering quality grooming essentials at reasonable prices guarantees that men can access high-quality products without sacrificing affordability.

Google Trends:

every man jack google trend

Best Seller: Body Wash Cedarwood  

Organic Traffic: 160383

Organic & Paid Traffic:

Every Man Jack - Organic & Paid Traffic
Every Man Jack – Organic & Paid Traffic

Top Organic Keywords:

Keyword Position Volume Traffic (%)
"every man jack" 1 22200 30.71
"every man jack body wash" 1 5400 7.47
"everyman jack" 1 4400 6.08
"every man jack deodorant" 1 4400 6.08
"everymanjack" 1 1900 2.62

Top Landing Pages:

  • Total Traffic: 25181
  • Number of Keywords: 1564
  • Traffic Percentage: 43.54
  • Total Traffic: 5412
  • Number of Keywords: 1534
  • Traffic Percentage: 9.35
  • Total Traffic: 4362
  • Number of Keywords: 741
  • Traffic Percentage: 7.54
  • Total Traffic: 1700
  • Number of Keywords: 264
  • Traffic Percentage: 2.93
  • Total Traffic: 1256
  • Number of Keywords: 83
  • Traffic Percentage: 2.17

9. Hawthorne

hawthorne homepage

Location: New York, New York, United States

Hawthorne is a men’s personal care brand that is known for its personalized products and its commitment to data-driven performance. The company was founded in 2016 by Brian Jeong and Phil Wong, and it is headquartered in San Francisco, California.
In 2022 Hawthorne, made a significant move by exclusively debuting a new line of 14 co-created products at Target stores and on The product range covers a spectrum of personal care, including skincare, body care, and, with a special focus, hair care.

Why Hawthorne Wins?

  • Made Just for You: What makes Hawthorne special is they make products that are just right for you. They ask questions to learn about your skin, hair, and the smells you like. Then, they make products that fit you perfectly.
  • Smart Choices: Hawthorne uses science and data to create products that work well for you. They use good stuff to make sure their products are safe and do a great job.
  • Nice Smells: Besides grooming stuff, Hawthorne also has nice-smelling things like cologne. They make these scents just for you, so you can choose what you like.
  • Easy to Get: You don’t need to go to a store. You can order Hawthorne products online and get them delivered to your door.
  • Looks Cool: The packaging of Hawthorne products is modern and stylish. It shows they care about making things that look good and work well.

Google Trends:

hawthorne google trends

Best Seller: Aromatic and Woody Work Cologne  

Organic Traffic: 96169

Paid Traffic: 7821

Organic & Paid Traffic:

Hawthorne - Organic & Paid Traffic
Hawthorne – Organic & Paid Traffic

Top Organic Keywords:

Keyword Position Volume Traffic (%)
"hawthorne" 1 60500 74.9
"hawthorne shampoo" 1 2900 3.58
"hawthrone" 2 3600 2.37
"hawthorne cologne" 1 1000 1.23
"hawthorne conditioner" 1 590 0.72

Top Landing Pages:

  • Total Traffic: 16534
  • Number of Keywords: 334
  • Traffic Percentage: 82.54
  • Total Traffic: 918
  • Number of Keywords: 257
  • Traffic Percentage: 4.58
  • Total Traffic: 397
  • Number of Keywords: 283
  • Traffic Percentage: 1.98
  • Total Traffic: 279
  • Number of Keywords: 971
  • Traffic Percentage: 1.39
  • Total Traffic: 266
  • Number of Keywords: 47
  • Traffic Percentage: 1.32

10. Glossier

Glossier homepage

Location: New York, New York, United States

Glossier is a beauty brand that celebrates the power of skin-first beauty. It was founded by Emily Weiss, a former beauty blogger. The company quickly became popular for its simple, minimalist products and its focus on creating a community of beauty enthusiasts. Glossier products are now sold in over 20 countries around the world.

Despite the challenges, the brand received an $80 million investment in 2021, valuing the company at $1.8 billion and signaling investor confidence in its future growth.

Why Glossier Wins?

  • Easy Beauty: Glossier is all about making beauty easy. They want to help you enhance your natural beauty, not hide it.
  • Simple and Modern: Glossier keeps things simple with their clean and modern designs. They believe in being real and honest.
  • For Everyone: Glossier loves and celebrates all types of skin, no matter the color or texture. They want everyone to feel good about themselves.
  • Skin-Friendly Makeup: Glossier makes makeup that’s also good for your skin. It helps your skin stay healthy and gives you a nice glow.
  • Talks to You: Glossier listens to what you have to say. They ask for your thoughts and ideas when making their products.
  • Loved by Many: People really like Glossier because of products like Boy Brow and Cloud Paint. They’re easy to use and make you look great.

Google Trends:

Glossier Google Trends

Best Seller: Ultralip  

Organic Traffic: 1457511

Paid Traffic: 3620

Organic & Paid Traffic:

Glossier - Organic & Paid Traffic
Glossier – Organic & Paid Traffic

Top Organic Keywords:

Keyword Position Volume Traffic (%)
"glossier" 1 368000 42.73
"glossier perfume" 1 60500 7.02
"glossier you perfume" 1 33100 3.84
"glossier you" 1 27100 3.14
"glossier boy brow" 1 8100 0.94

Top Landing Pages:

  • Total Traffic: 305677
  • Number of Keywords: 21506
  • Traffic Percentage: 44.37
  • Total Traffic: 114042
  • Number of Keywords: 7169
  • Traffic Percentage: 16.55
  • Total Traffic: 47125
  • Number of Keywords: 7624
  • Traffic Percentage: 6.84
  • Total Traffic: 35431
  • Number of Keywords: 821
  • Traffic Percentage: 5.14
  • Total Traffic: 13426
  • Number of Keywords: 2524
  • Traffic Percentage: 1.94

Skincare Market Report

As people focus more on self-care and looking good, the cosmetics industry keeps growing. In 2022, it grew by 15 percent worldwide.

  • The main product categories in the cosmetics market include skincare, haircare, makeup, perfumes, toiletries, deodorants, and oral cosmetics.
  • Skincare was the largest category in 2022, accounting for about 41 percent of the global market.
  • Hair Care products represented 22 percent of the market, while makeup made up approximately 16 percent.
  • Skincare is a highly profitable category, with projected revenue of around $182 billion by 2027.
  • As of 2022, the North-Asia region contributed to about 32 percent of the global cosmetics market.

Market Size: The Skin Care market is projected to reach a revenue of US$155.70 billion in 2023.

Market Growth: The market is expected to exhibit an annual growth rate of 3.64% between 2023 and 2028 (CAGR).

Geographic Revenue: The United States leads in global Skin Care market revenue, generating US$21,090.00 million in 2023.

Per Capita Revenue: In 2023, the per-person revenue in the Skin Care market averages at US$20.26 when considering the total population.

Non-Luxury Dominance: By 2023, Non-Luxury goods will account for 72% of the sales in the Skin Care market, highlighting the prominence of affordable skincare products in the industry.